How Buying Links in Public Ends Up – Interview with Vitaliy Kolos

We are happy to host an interview with Vitaliy Kolos, the man behind the famous turmoil with and T-Mobile. When it occurred it was widely discussed on various websites. 5 days later was penalized by Google for selling links. Vitaliy decided to shed some light on the situation.   Can you introduce yourself?… Read more »

4 Customer Questions Every Home Page Must Answer

I’ve been focusing my attention on writing website copy lately, and I’ve noticed something: Home page copy represents some of the biggest lost opportunities on the web. Companies that are obsessed with SEO and attracting traffic drop the ball on their homepages, leaving customers confused, annoyed, or just plain unexcited. I thought it might be… Read more »

SEO and Content Marketing: How To Find The Perfect Balance Between Both

As a marketer or business owner, it’s not enough to just specialize in one area of online marketing anymore. If you do, you may run into problems. Content marketers are often guilty of creating content to please readers at the expense of neglecting search engines, while SEOs can be found guilty of creating content to… Read more »