10 Awesome YouTube Optimization Tips That Will Make Your Video Rank High!

With SEO marketing strategies getting more innovative each day for landing page advertisements, it’s no surprise that YouTube has made a major impact on Search Engine Optimization rankings. Getting higher rankings for your page with the help of YouTube videos is a great strategy, as an audiovisual influence is much stronger and clearer than just… Read more »

More Success with SEO Webinars

Exciting changes are happening all the time at Positionly. This year alone we’ve progressed leaps and bounds — we’ve released a new and improved version of Positionly, we’ve grown as a company, and we’ve learned a lot! While expanding, we’ve made some powerful decisions that will affect our customers in many positive ways. Meet the… Read more »

Top performing Facebook Ad campaigns you should launch today

You can leverage the email addresses you already have to create profitable paid campaigns. In this post, we’ll share a few tips to create high-performing paid campaigns in Facebook. Everything you’re about to read has been proven by yours truly over the last few years. To get started, you’ll need access to Facebook’s Power Editor. The… Read more »

Actionable SEO tips for your business blog. Part II

In the previous article, I mentioned that blogging is upon the most effective content marketing tactics available. Blogging brings significant SEO values, therefore, by learning how to optimize a business blog correctly, we can maximize its full potential. I have already explained the importance of long tail keywords and described how to implement them into… Read more »

Actionable SEO tips for your business blog. Part I

Most marketing strategies are based on content creation. According to the “B2B Content Marketing” report held by the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of all B2B marketers are distributing more content compared to the previous year. data credit: Content Marketing Institute research “B2B Content Marketing- 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends –  North America” The same source indicates… Read more »

10 Tips To Boost Your Position in Mobile Search. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Over 50% of the world’s population uses mobile devices, according to GSMA Intelligence. It’s about time to focus your efforts on mobile search. Therefore, Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update, “Mobilegeddon”, was released two months ago. The update turned out to be a massive breakthrough in the way results are sorted in mobile search. 1. Choose… Read more »