Attention All Canadians, Australians and Austrians! Regional Tracking is now available.

We have some exciting news! Positionly just got even better. We now offer regionalized tracking within major states, territories and cities in Canada, Australia, and Austria. Positionly still does the same great daily keyword rankings. Now you can see how your keywords rank in different regions all over each one of those countries every single… Read more »

5 Must-Have Contents For E-commerce

In the previous post Kinga shared with us some crucial tips about e-commerce SEO. You’ve learned how to properly optimize an onsite content. Today you will also find out what types of content you should publish at your online store. Words are vital tools in the world of e-commerce. Used effectively, they create a compelling sales proposition that not… Read more »

How to Use SEO to Optimize Your Ecommerce Website

Purchasing online entails that a buyer is not able to touch, try out or verify an item he sees online. Nevertheless, ecommerce stores are more and more popular every day. The recent Google study says that customers have gone “from midnight snacking to midnight shopping”. Online shopping has become a form of spending free time and also a great way… Read more »