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Unamo: Nowe Kompleksowe Rozwiązanie Marketingowe

Mamy przyjemność poinformować, że Positionly w ostatnim czasie połączyło siły z dwoma innymi narzędziami marketingowymi: Monitori, które służy do monitorowania Internetu i kanałów social media oraz UsabilityTools, które zajmuje się optymalizacją konwersji.    Przez ostatnie pięć lat naszym celem było zapewnienie klientom rozwiązań SEO, których cechą charakterystyczną jest prostota, intuicyjność, a do tego piękny design. Ponadto postawiliśmy na… Read more »

Mobile First Indexing: The New Direction of Google Search 📱

The mobile era has already started. A tremendous revolution took place in 2015 along with the loud Mobilegeddon. It was then that Google introduced the mobile-friendly update and actually started to consider mobile an important factor in its search algorithms. Today, we will speak about a different turnover that is a natural continuation of this… Read more »

Google’s Top 3 Search Ranking Factors Today (in a Nutshell)

Search engines digest and rank websites differently each year. Thanks to machine learning, Google algorithms are becoming more intelligent, humanlike, and will soon surpass human intelligence in more than one way. Google is also gaining greater access to big data through the search results, Google Analytic accounts, and Androids. Google can now easily reformulate its… Read more »

How to Market Your Brand on Product Hunt (Like a Pro)

Once you start researching and reading articles and various guides about growth marketing, you’ll realize that many point to Product Hunt. Product Hunt is strongly recommended for the promotion of products in their early stages. So let’s dig a little bit deeper to find out more about the fabulous Product Hunt and reveal some of the… Read more »

Discover What is Technical SEO: The Complete (and Simple) Guide 👾

There are two types of SEO: on-page SEO, which deals with content and page optimization, and off-page SEO which concerns establishing relations between websites. Together these two make the SEO universe almost complete. But wait a minute, there’s something more: Technical SEO – the next big topic to talk about. source What is technical SEO… Read more »

Long Tail SEO: Why Long Tail Keywords Are Worth Your Attention ☝️

My friends have a jewelry store. As their products are exceptionally beautiful, fine quality and hand-made, they have global ambitions. However, the jewelry market is overcrowded, and giants like Tiffany & Co. make the online competition super tough. Small businesses barely have a chance to rank high in global search engines for generic and highly… Read more »

Seasonal Marketing: How to Apply It to Your Business

Have you noticed that your website traffic performance fluctuates in annual cycles? The demand for your product or service and your specific content depends on seasonality; sometimes the trend goes upward and sometimes it goes downward. B2B businesses usually experience a recession in December due to the Christmas and New Year’s period which pulls attention… Read more »