10 Little Known SEO Hacks You Need to Try

Back in the day, aspiring digital marketers in the SEO game could get away with a set of formulaic moves that would all but guarantee a top spot. Nowadays it’s different – search engine optimization has evolved to such a degree that it very nearly emulates real world marketing; that is, marketing for the people…. Read more »

Redirect SEO Guide: Impact of Redirection on Traffic and Domain Authority

Redirects are used to tell visitors or web crawlers where to go if the page they are requesting is no longer available for one reason or another. Although this concept is fairly simple, many website developers use redirects incorrectly, which can severely impact the website’s performance as well as its SEO ranking. Reasons to Use… Read more »

The 4 SaaS Marketing Metrics You Can’t Live Without [Infographic]

When you’re in the thick of things and under pressure from shareholders and investors, it’s very easy to try and prove yourself and your business by showcasing and tracking your performance across multiple metrics. But before you know it and snowed under by all that data, your time can quickly disappear in a never-ending cycle… Read more »

8 Steps to Master Localized Keyword Research and International SEO

There is one often overlooked aspect of localization that many don’t think about immediately as it pertains to international expansion: Localized Keyword Research and International SEO. This article will guide you through different aspects you need to consider such as different local search engines (Yes,  Google has competitors!), machine translations, link building and keyword tools…. Read more »