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Positionly tells you how to gain more traffic, improve your rankings and leave the competition behind.

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Some of Our Awesome Features

Actionable Suggestions

Follow our valuable and easy-to-apply tips to attract more traffic from the world's leading search engines and social networks.

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I've found those tips really helpful. We followed most of them and could see more traffic coming to our website. - Kamil Starski
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Intelligent Events

Intelligent Events

We keep an eye on your website and present you a list of important insights about your rankings, keywords and traffic.

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This feature is so useful. I get notified whenever there are significant changes in the website traffic. - Marcin Kurek

Application Marketplace

Tailor Positionly to perfectly fit your needs by picking the third-party applications that you love.

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I’m addicted to good apps. It’s nice that I can customize Positionly with some of my favourite ones. - Mariusz Gralewski
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Meet Our Happy Clients

Mariusz Gralewski, CEO, Docplanner

Mariusz Gralewski

CEO, Docplanner
Justin Scarpetti, Director of Web Development, Webstract Marketing

Justin Scarpetti

Director of Web Development, Webstract Marketing
Jose Galan, CEO, Paylane

Sergi Villaubí

CEO & Founder, Apartum
Mike Slaats, Owner and Head of the SEM team, Qlickonline

Mike Slaats

Owner and Head of the SEM team, Qlickonline

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