15Five – Case Study

Positionly has become a key part of our marketing toolkit at 15Five. Luke Ryan Director of Growth, 15Five


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15Five is simple employee feedback software. We believe that the best companies and teams create cultures that tap into the innate drive and potential of their people, where strong relationships and trust are built, and where people are supported in being their best selves.

As a result these teams have an increased ability to work together at a high level to achieve extraordinary results. We’re building 15Five for teams who share this belief, creating a quick weekly cadence of communication that ensures that managers know how to best support their people, that everyone stays focused on the right things, that they regularly have the conversations that matter, and where strong relationships and trust are built in the process.



As a startup, we rely heavily on organic search as a referral source for acquiring new customers at 15Five. To optimize this marketing channel it is extremely important for us to have an awareness of our search engine presence and to constantly be able to identify keyword opportunities.

Getting more traffic is a never-ending challenge for any startup. In an increasingly competitive SaaS marketplace it is more important than ever to be able to improve your keyword rankings, outsmart your competition and drive more traffic to your website.

Trying to make sense of keyword rankings in an organised fashion and receive automated reporting is almost impossible without the help of a good SEO tool.


At 15Five we had experimented with several SEO tools prior to discovering Positionly. None felt quite right. Either they were too expensive, too complicated or just weren’t providing efficient results. After just a few minutes of navigating within Positionly it became clear that this tool was very different to the rest. Its simplicity is one of its greatest assets. It was easy to learn how to use, with some amazing onboarding tips. The price was fair and the speed of updating keyword information was incredible.

We used the free trial period to upload a large group of keywords and began to put Positionly to the test. Our main objective during this time was to see how quickly keyword data could be gathered and how that data would be presented in the form of dashboards and reports.


This is a great asset when wanting to know what inbound links are being directed to our competitor’s website and then allowing us to pick up on new opportunities we may have previously overlooked.

Several months later 15Five are happy customers of Positionly. The objective we were looking for had been met during the trial period. Our marketing team now routinely relies on our automated weekly report notifying us of keyword movements and overall trend data around keywords, traffic sources and competitors.

This automation is a huge help to us. Being able to take a quick glance each Monday at our key metrics for SEO is super helpful. The other huge win we have had from using Positionly is having the ability to be able to quickly dive into keyword opportunities. For example when planning new content, we can consult our Positionly data to identify what keywords might be ripe to take advantage of.

We can also conduct robust competitor analysis. We have grown to rely on the data it provides us and the easy to use interface is always a pleasure to dive into.