3 Critical Mistakes About Content You Should Stop Doing Today – Positionly Blog


Content marketing in the always changing and fast-paced world is a sure investment and indispensable element of any inbound marketing strategy.  Opposite to traditional marketing channels, which are getting less and less effective, the impact of quality crafted content is bigger traffic volume, better user engagement and brand awareness.

As a blog writer you should put extra care into your content marketing. A neglected strategy could not only make your efforts ineffective, but also could affect your brand’s credibility, that you’ve been working to achieve.

Writing content to sell, not to inform

Content marketing isn’t about selling. If we specify that your overall online marketing goal is to acquire a lead, or make a user sign up for your service, the point of content marketing is to assist with achieving it. You should be thinking about your content more as guidance for your user going through the purchase funnel. The content’s job is to grab the user’s attention, solve his problem and engage him. As a result, it will build loyalty and trust around the brand. From the awareness across familiarity and to the consideration that your company is the right one to do business with.

Creating content…just for content

Quality content should be like your business card. It should create a connection between you and your potential customer. If you’re providing messy content, you’re on the way to lose your reader’s trust and interest. Publishing great content shows how you care about your readers, how well you know their needs and how you’re solving problems they encounter.

The obvious signs, of sloppy content

  • lack of proper research – it has no data or real-life examples
  • it’s written for SEO purposes
  • it’s not accessible – it has incoherent structure or logical text flow
  • it’s not unique – it doesn’t bring any new value to the topic or solve any problem
  • it’s not engaging – it’s boring and difficult to read

Writing for the audience… not with the audience

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet as a marketing medium, is that it redefined how we communicate with each other. Content strategy should be highly user focused, but not only in the level of subject. Engaging content creates additional space, where you can and you should communicate with your users. The content, whenever published, shouldn’t be left alone. Answering people’s comments shows that you mind your readers’ opinion. It also allows you to build your image as an industry expert and communicate with your readers around a specific topic.

Discussion about a topic brings a new value both for you and your audience. You will have an opportunity to share your experience, as well as connect with new people and gain new knowledge.

Neglecting Visual Content

The Power of Visuals

Visual content is the king of today’s content landscape. If you don’t include visuals such as images, videos, or infographics that are eye-catching, your engagement will be reduced. Visuals are not only effective in capturing attention, but they also help to convey complex information more efficiently.

Solution: Embrace Visual Content

Use visuals to enhance your content. Use graphics and images that are in line with your message. Create videos and infographics to help readers better understand your topic. Visuals can improve the user experience.


Avoiding these three mistakes can have a significant impact on the success of content marketing. Neglecting audience analysis, ignoring SEO practices, and ignoring visual content can all be harmful to your online presence. You can improve your content strategy by following the advice in this article. Content marketing is a field that’s constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay on top of things. Use these tips to create content that will resonate with your audience.