6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website with Social Media Monitoring Tool

If you’re not already using social media to boost your web traffic you’re missing out on 2.5 billion potential consumers. The sheer scope of social media users means that social media is not only useful for boosting web traffic but essential. Every (successful) business-to-consumer facing company and many business-to-business facing companies use social media to spread brand awareness and drive traffic to their landing pages. You simply can’t afford to get left behind. At the very least using social media levels the playing field. But just because you’re on social media doesn’t mean you’re using it well. Think about your non-millennial relatives. That one uncle who has Facebook but never posts anything? He represents how not to run your brand’s social presence. What’s more, even if you’re frequently posting on social media, if people aren’t following links back to your landing pages you won’t see any conversions. So then, how do you use social media to increase traffic to your website? Analytics. You need to know where that traffic comes from, what people think of your social content, what’s trending, what your competitors are doing, and more. Today, we’re breaking down how to find out all of that analytic data using Unamo’s Social Media Monitoring tool.

1. Content is King

First thing’s first. Social Media is all about posting content. When it’s your personal page you’re posting photos, videos, your thoughts, and links to other content. This doesn’t change for your business page. People want timely, relevant, engaging, useful content. They’ll read your posts and look at your pictures because they entertain or help solve some problem. And creating this useful content means understanding what’s trending. Unamo helps you stay on top of trending content and hashtags for each of your social accounts. Plus, with a few choice keywords, you can find what’s trending within your specific niche. Once you’re drawing followers you start pushing people towards your landing pages to increase traffic to your web.

2. Know Your Brand Image

Once you’re posting content you can start cultivating a social media presence. First, decide what your brand stands for. What do your consumers like? Do their interests fit with the trending content you’re posting? Stay open to content personalization. It’s important that your brand image resonates with your consumers, and also that it stays consistent. You need people to recommend your social accounts to their friends and to come back for more content. Today more than ever consumers care about what brands stand for. They want to feel a moral connection with your brand. So you need to know what people say about your brand on social media. Using Unamo Social Media Monitoring, you can get alerts every time someone mentions your brand on social media. It’s an excellent way to keep tabs on how people view your brand. With the sentiment analysis feature, you can see a visual break down of both positive and negative brand mentions. What’s more, Unamo also breaks down mentions by the audience so you can see how your brand does across different niches. People who think positively of your brand are more likely to click through to your website and thus boost your web traffic.

3. Pick and Choose Your Platforms

Not every social platform works the same or has the same intent, and which you choose can have an enormous impact on your potential web traffic. Simply put, if your niche doesn’t use Instagram, you shouldn’t post content on Instagram. Likewise, if your content doesn’t translate well to 160 characters, don’t post on Twitter. Using Unamo’s aforementioned sentiment analysis feature you can not only find out what consumers think of your brand but also which platforms have consumers with a positive take on your product. So if people on Instagram aren’t big fans of your posts don’t focus on Instagram. Though it is important to maintain as many social accounts as possible without sacrificing quality. The more social followers you amass, the more opportunities you have for driving traffic to your website.

4. Follow the Consumer

You can build a millions-strong social media following but see no traffic boost if people don’t click through from your posts to your landing pages. No matter what content you’re posting it’s important that it’s pushing people toward your website. It’s vital then, to follow your social media traffic. You need to know what platforms and posts drive clickthroughs. Unamo keeps track of where your social traffic comes from and where it’s headed. With Unamo, you can track which posts turn customers into conversions and identify your better-performing content. Once you know what drives your traffic you can replicate that success and really watch your traffic numbers soar.

5. Study the Competition

Research on social media, even with help from Unamo, takes time. Likewise, implementing new strategies based on uncovered data isn’t foolproof. Sometimes things expected to work fail for seemingly no reason, wasting both time and potential income. That’s why studying the competition is an excellent way to find working strategies without actually implementing them yourselves. Think of your competitors like your own personal R&D team. Their failures are your warning and their successes your template. Unamo’s Social Media Tool has an entire competitor analysis section that breaks down the competition’s content, clickthroughs, and more. You can find out what kind of content gets the most views and what content converts to clickthroughs. You can also figure out which of their social platforms perform best and use those same platforms for your niche. Further, you can find out what those niches say about the competition’s content and formulate your own content based on those opinions.  

6. Influencers

Last but not least there’s an unconventional (though quickly becoming commonplace) way to boost your web traffic using social media without actually posting anything, or even using your own social media accounts. Enter influencers. People who advocate for your brand, influencers are an excellent way to drive an already engaged following to your website. People trust online opinions as much as in-person recommendations. Unamo can track influencers across each social platform that are talking about your niche, brand, product, and more. You can then sort by popularity, audience reach, mentions, and more. All that’s left is getting in touch with influencers you’d like to work with. They share your content with their already established audience and advocate for clickthroughs to your landing page. The better the influencer the more clickthroughs and the more web traffic to your landing pages.

Summing it All Up

Driving traffic to your website using social media takes combining different aspects of your social strategy. You’ll need quality content, strong analytics, a positive brand image, and influencers to truly maximize your traffic. Though most importantly, you need a program that helps keep your social media strategy organized, cohesive, and successful. Luckily enough, Unamo does just that. The social media monitoring suite has everything you need to ensure your social media strategy drives landing page traffic. So if you’re ready to take your social media marketing to the next level, get in touch with us and try out Unamo. Their social media suite combined with SEO and conversion web analytics can help your products and keywords to rank, in turn, optimize your business web traffic. In a world where internet branding is ubiquitous, you need to not only keep up with the competition but drive more clickthroughs and conversions than ever before.