Apartum.com – Case Study

Positionly is a good solution for start-ups, very handy for small teams. Apartum.com


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Apartum is a service that allows users searching and comparing holiday apartments among the best online agencies.

We search for apartments worldwide and we offer our users real time information on availability and prices.

Our purpose is to help our users finding the best deals and widest offer on holiday rentals, all from one place.


Why are we using Positionly

Positionly is a very useful solution in our case. The application acts as as very valuable support when referring to our SEO matters. Also, it can be used by any of our members, anytime. In our case, a big plus is that we can monitor our different regional sites and monitor them separately.

Lots of information, clear design

The information is presented in a very clear way. Positionly offers a very user friendly interface and it is really straightforward to use. The possibility of creating reports is also very handy for our work. Adding our main competitors adds as well power and vital information to our SEO needs.

More information, less time

One of the great values of Positionly is the amount of time we save with it. The dashboard offers a clear picture and few clicks lead us to the information we need. In a few minutes, we can see an overview of keyword positions and pageranks, saving us lots of time. It’s one of the most interesting applications we’ve tested in this area.

One of the great values of Positionly is the amount of time we save with it.

Affordable plans

There’s one more thing why we’ve decided to try Positionly – plans. The offer is very customizable and we received a highly personalized plan for the fraction of the price of other tools offer on the market. Surprisingly, there’s no loss in quality at all. Positionly provides a very helpful (and fast!) support when needed.