Birthday Competition – Drawing Results

We would like to thank you for all the warm birthday wishes and kind comments. We promise to never stop improving. It’s time to show the results!

We picked winners at random using a random number generator. The numbers were assigned to the posts in chronological order.

The 3 Premium Subscriptions go to:

Zen Duguay
Javier Riestra Pérez-Pla
Mark Tudor

The Positionly t-shirts go to:

Maksymilian Śleziak
Peter Bialo
Agustín Raluy
Marc de Beer
Luke Wieselmann
Michał Korniluk
Damian Rams
Von Dottie
Adam Zajdzik
David Thomas
Elie Zed
Dailen Gunter
Raff Catalan
James Simpson
Justin Scarpetti
Dan Williams
Nick Hamnett
Rachel Williams
Sean Gallagher
Michal Saj

Congratulations and thank you for participating. Please drop us a message via Facebook. Thank you for being with us and we hope you continue to stay with us in the years to come.

Positionly team

Drawing results:
Main prizes drawing
T-shirt’s drawing

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