Kickstarter Stats & Facts 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Consider launching a Kickstarter Campaign. Check out these Kickstarter statistics first. Launched in 2009, Kickstarter is regarded as the original crowdfunding platform. The platform is one of the most popular and used in the world. You’re right; it makes perfect sense.
  • Customers can be part of the launch of new products and receive a discount or other rewards.
  • Businesses can get the funding for their ideas.
Win-win situation! The truth is that just because you’re on Kickstarter doesn’t guarantee success. Many factors influence the success of an advertising campaign. Some products perform better than others. These helpful Kickstarter stats can help you understand what it takes to succeed on Kickstarter and what to consider before you launch your campaign.

Statistics & Facts about Kickstarter

When it comes to crowdfunders, Kickstarter has an impressive resume. Here are some of Kickstarter’s most important stats: In total, 536 447 projects have been launched on Kickstarter $6.120.551.171 was pledged/donated for Kickstarter projects A total of 208 596 projects funded by Kickstarter have been successful. The total number of Kickstarter backers is 20,223,819 The entire 683,725 is the sum of 33% repeat supporters. 75 436 079 total pledges were placed, with the average supporter pledging 3-5 campaigns These stats from Kickstarter paint a picture that shows a platform that has a long history of matching backers to the right projects. Kickstarter is now one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms around the globe.

Kickstarter Stats: Overview of Projects

Kickstarter is a great place to find projects that you can support. What about the Kickstarter projects? You should pay attention to these Kickstarter project stats: Since its launch, 536 447 projects have been launched on the website Since the launch of Kickstarter, a total of 6,120,551,171 dollars has been pledged for projects. Kickstarter has a 39.11% worldwide success rate, which is extremely high and is growing every year. The success dollars have been huge, totaling 5.55 billion The $518,000,000 of unsuccessful dollars has been only. At the moment, $52 million has been pledged in live dollars to campaigns Currently, there are 3,112+ active Kickstarter projects. New ones start every day. The difference between successful and unsuccessful dollars is one of the most striking stats of this collection of Kickstarter statistics. Kickstarter is a good place to test your concept. Almost all Kickstarter projects that are fully funded become successful. Kickstarter is a fantastic tool for anyone with a great business idea. It can help you validate your idea, locate your customers, and make it a success.

What Kickstarter categories receive the most pledges?

There’s no doubt that certain categories of Kickstarter receive more pledges than other categories. The top three categories are: RankingCategoriesLifetime Pledges in USD 1 Play the Game $1.72 billion 2 You can also Design Your Own $1.37 billion 3 Technology $1.14 billion The fact that 92% of the 1 million Kickstarter projects fell into the categories of games, technology, and design is what makes these stats so important. You have a better chance of a successful Kickstarter project if you have products in these categories.


The category of games has always been popular on Kickstarter. The COVID-19 pandemic grew in popularity because people spent more time at home. Table-top board games alone raised $234,000,000 by 2020. Board games raised $176m in 2019, a 30% rise. Kickstarter has seen a total of $1.72 billion in board game pledges. Recently, board games have made a comeback. This is especially true among millennials.


The design category is huge and has many different products. Since the start of Kickstarter, design projects have collectively raised over $1.37 billion pledges. It is the second most popular category on Kickstarter. Design is a popular category because it encompasses so many different products and projects.


The term technology covers all projects that are innovative and new in the tech world. These are mostly physical projects. Kickstarter technology projects have received a total pledge of $1.14 Billion. It is the third largest category of promises. Most popular technology projects are innovative products that solve specific issues. The products that are too complex don’t do well on Kickstarter. Just because they’re specific doesn’t make them cheap. Even high-ticket items above $500 have proven to be successful.

Which categories of Kickstarter have the highest success?

It’s not enough that certain types of Kickstarter get more pledges to mean they will be fully funded. The art categories are usually the ones that have the most success with crowdfunders. Here are the top 3. RankingCategoriesSuccess Rate (%) 1 Comics 62.27% 2 Dance 61.54% 3 The following are some examples of the use of 59.95%


Comics are very popular on Kickstarter. They are inexpensive to produce, and they often have a large number of supporters. Comics have a success rate of 62.27%. The success rate of comics is 62.27%. Digital comics are usually priced between $10 and $20. The physical print version of comics is generally between $25 and $45. The most successful comic creators on Kickstarter use the platform to build a loyal readership. This means that they will produce a series and launch each comic separately.


The majority of Dance Kickstarter projects focus on real dance performances. You can choose from anything, including social or for-profit projects. Although not the most popular on Kickstarter, these projects have a high rate of success. 61.54% of all dance Kickstarter projects achieve their goal. Dance is the second highest category for success rates. Most dance projects achieve their goals because their target is smaller than that of other projects on Kickstarter. Kickstarter dance campaigns have raised a total pledge of $13.4 Million. The category of technology, on the other hand, has a lifetime pledge total of $ 1.14 billion.

The Third – Theater

The majority of theatre projects are real-life productions. The success rate is also very similar at 59.95%. The third-most successful category of Kickstarter is theatre. What are the rewards for pledging to theatre projects You can choose to have your name appear in the credits or a digital ticket. The amount you sell will depend on the theatre Kickstarter project that you support.

How many Kickstarter projects were funded successfully?

The majority of successfully funded projects raise under $10,000. A lower goal on your Kickstarter project increases the chances of being fully funded. Many projects that set a lower target of $10,000 or less end up exceeding this amount. Kickstarter limits projects based on time, not pledge amounts. You have between 30 and 60 days to collect as many pledges (you decide) as you can, even if your goal is met early. A growing number of campaigns are also reaching six, seven, and, in rare cases, even eight figures. The quality of the product and what your audience wants are key. There have been 208 686 successful funded projects. Statistically, this means that 66.4% had a goal of less than $10,000. Just 4.2% of all successful projects raised more than $100k. Remember this when creating your project. Smaller projects tend to attract more support than those with large targets.

What are the most successful categories?

Three categories have had more successful projects funded than the others. Why should you care about the number of successful projects? Simple – The number of supporters in each category is limited. More people are likely to support the categories with the most successful projects. You increase your odds of success by running a campaign within those categories.


The truth is that music is a competitive field. Artists who are just starting look to Kickstarter for funding. The competition is fierce. Since 2009, 32,739 music projects have been fully funded. It is the most successful category of projects on Kickstarter. For a single track, the average successful Kickstarter music project asks for $4. The average pledge for an album is around $13. The average project has a goal of less than $8,000 Popular music campaigns tend to have higher pledge packages, which include merchandise and posters. Artists can also use the music category to raise money and build a following.

Film & Video

Film and video is a fascinating category. With 29,637 projects, they are the second-highest number of successfully funded projects. Film and video have the second highest failure rate. Film and video projects are plentiful. Film and video projects are the 4th most popular for raising funds, bringing in $383 million since 2009. These Kickstarter statistics tell us that film and video is a competitive niche, but many backers will pledge money to projects.


We have seen that games are an excellent category for Kickstarter campaigns. The highest number of pledges over a lifetime and the third most successful funded projects are all in this fund. Games are by far the most popular category on Kickstarter. There are many successful campaigns and high success rates. Not to mention how many pledges this category has received.

What are the most successful Kickstarter projects?

You now have a better idea about which categories are the most popular on Kickstarter and which ones attract the most pledges. What about specific projects, then? The top 15 projects in terms of pledges on Kickstarter are listed below. This list shows that Pebble (which makes smartwatches) has launched three successful campaigns using different products. These campaigns are all among the ten most successful projects in history. Pebble has raised more than $43.39 Million in pledges, and there are 214.073 backers on Kickstarter for all three projects! Kickstarter is a great way to build a fan base of people who are willing to support different projects and products. In December 2016, Fitbit purchased Pebble. Fitbit bought Pebble for $23 million in December 2016. These stats also show that the price is not everything. Kickstarter allows both high-ticket items and low-ticket items. Your audience must love your products for you to be successful.

What Kickstarter categories have the most failures?

Not all projects that are launched on Kickstarter are successful. 60% of all projects fail. In total, 324 739 projects were not successful. What does the word “ineffective” mean? This means that the project has not reached the goals that were set out at the start. Only 4 of 10 Kickstarter projects will be successful. The success rate of projects is declining each year. This is due to the trust that Kickstarter has gained with its customers and their understanding of how to run successful campaigns. They hope to reduce the failure rate of Kickstarter projects below 50% in the future.

Which Categories Have The Most Unsuccessfully Funded Projects?

Certain projects are indeed more likely than others to fail based on their category. It could be that there are fewer Kickstarter supporters in general, or the category is more competitive. The top three categories with the most failed projects are: Film and video have the most unfunded projects, with 48,563 projects. It is the second-most funded project to date. What is the reason for this? More Kickstarter campaigns are available in the film and video category. This means there is a great deal of competition. Technology is the second least successful category in terms of funding, with 37,028 unfunded projects. The third-placed type is publishing, with 35,623. When you launch a Kickstarter project, make sure to check out your competitors’ schemes. This will give you a better understanding of the types of projects that are available.

What Makes a Successful Kickstarter Campaign?

You now have a better idea of which categories are the most successful and the least successful on Kickstarter. Are you ready to launch your Kickstarter campaign? The most successful Kickstarter campaigns share certain characteristics.

Launch Times and Rewards

The best day to launch a Kickstarter campaign is Tuesday, between 8 am and 12 pm EST. The Kickstarter website receives many visitors during this time. Although it does not seem to matter, May and August are the most popular months. The worst month to launch a campaign is December. The average reward for the top 15 campaigns on Kickstarter was 13.7. Imagine rewards as packages you can put together depending on the amount of money pledged by people. The more money they sell, the more they get. Make sure all your tangible rewards are appealing to your target audience. Your reward should be for a $1 pledge. This is an excellent way to gather email addresses and grow your supporters. Most successful Kickstarter campaigns last an average of 39 days.

Video Campaign

The project video is a crucial part of any Kickstarter campaign. Consider the video to be your #1 salesperson. The average video length for the 15 top campaigns was three minutes and eleven seconds. The average video length on Kickstarter is 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Experts recommend that your video should be between one and three minutes in length. Only 20 to 30 percent of viewers will view your video in its entirety. This means that you should put the most important information at the front of your video so that as many people can see it as possible.

Kickstarter Age & Gender

It is crucial to know who your main audience on Kickstarter is so that you can create the best campaign. 64% of Kickstarter backers are men. Only 1/3 of Kickstarter backers are female. 88% of Kickstarter users have a college degree. How old is your child? The 25-34-year-olds are the largest contributors. The 35- to 40-year-olds are the second largest group. Here is a breakdown of the total number of participants by age group: This means that between 25 and 44 years old, 65% of Kickstarter’s users. What does all this information mean about Kickstarter? You will primarily be advertising your campaign to
  • Males
  • Aged 25-44
  • College-educated
Remember this when you are creating your campaign or writing your project copy.

Wrapping it Up

Knowing what will grab your audience’s interest is the key to a successful Kickstarter campaign. These Kickstarter stats will help you understand what makes a successful campaign. You can use this information to create a project that will appeal to your audience and produce the results you desire. Remember: Every year, the number of Kickstarter campaigns that are successfully funded increases. Kickstarter is an excellent platform that provides everything you need to launch a viral campaign.