Kik 2022 User Statistics: How Many People Use Kik?

Can Kik rival WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? Kik, a messaging application founded by Ted Livingston in 2010, was created by a university student. His goal was:
  • Connect the world with one application.
  • Allow users to communicate with each other in complete anonymity and privacy.
Kik is still gaining traction after more than a decade. The 2023 statistics on Kik users tell you all you need to know about the messaging app and its users.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of Kik users…

Since its launch, Kik has seen a steady increase in users. Kik users grew to more than 1 million within just two weeks of launch. This is what the current number of users looks like.

Kik Global Registered Users

Kik has just under 300,000,000 registered users worldwide. The focus on privacy has helped them to attract more users to their platform. Kik’s growth is impressive, even though it has a way to go before it can catch up with messaging giants such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Kik Active Monthly Users

Although registered users are essential, monthly active users reveal how many people use the platform. Kik is used by 15 million users every month. Of the 15 million monthly active Kik users, 7.2 million are located in the United States. Kik was the first mobile app to be popularized in the US.

Kik Daily Active Users

Kik has a staggering 2,5 million active users every day. Kik has seen a significant increase in the number of people who log into it every day. This is due to users making Kik their primary messaging platform. These users have abandoned other messaging apps. User’s Breakdown: How many?

Who are the Kik users?

Kik has a loyal fan base, and its growth cannot be denied. Who are the Kik users exactly?

Teens vs Adults

Kik is more popular among younger people. 70% of Kik’s users are between 13-24 years old. Kik is particularly popular with teenagers in the US. Over a third ( 1/3) of all American teenagers use Kik to communicate with friends. If that wasn’t enough… Kik has become the preferred messaging app for teens in the US.
  • Brands.
  • Businesses.
Large brands like Shopify and Sephora are already utilizing this to increase sales and engagement with teens. Later, we will discuss this in more detail.

The Top Kik-User Countries

Kik is a popular app among US users. Kik, which was originally founded in Canada, was quickly adopted by Americans. Kik is ranked among the Top 10 Apps in the US for Teenagers. Kik has now risen to 8th place in the United States when ranking mobile messaging apps by the number of monthly active users as of September 2019. The app has even reached the 11th position in the US for the most popular social networking mobile apps when ranked based on average session duration. The results are not bad at all.

What do Kik users send through Kik Messenger?

Kik is a messaging app that lets users send messages via text. You can’t keep teens happy with just text messages. This means that text messages are not the only thing being sent.
  • Emojis
  • Pictures
  • Funny Videos
All of these features are part of Kik’s messaging experience. What do the statistics say?


Emojis make messaging more exciting, right? Kik users send over 6 billion emojis every day. There are a lot of emotions being expressed.

Text Messages

The most important function of any messaging platform is the ability to send text messages. Kik users exchange over five million text messages every day. Brands also use Kik messaging bots to reach out to younger audiences. These bots use advanced AI to provide intelligent responses and a fun experience for users. Here are more Artificial Intelligence Statistics.

Multimedia (Photos, Videos, GIFs)

There is no specific data available on how many photos and videos are sent every day through Kik. Kik is an important part of the app, particularly for teenagers. Kik is a popular app for sending photos and videos. Also, funny memes and GIFs are very popular.

What do Kik users use Kik for?

Kik’s main use is texting friends, but it can be used for so much more. Here are some popular ways to use Kik.

Message your Friends

It’s pretty obvious. Users use Kik primarily to send messages to their friends. Let’s face it: there are plenty of messaging apps that you can use to send your friends a message. Signing up for Kik only requires an email address. Signing up is easy, as there’s no need to provide any other form of identification. You can register in a few minutes and chat with your friends, all while maintaining complete privacy.

Communication Directly with their Favorite Brands

It is more difficult to reach the younger market. Kik is the answer. Kik offers brands the opportunity to engage their younger audience. They love it! Users can send messages to their favorite brands through Kik. Brands are taking advantage by offering services like:
  • Customer service
  • Engaging experiences
  • Surveys and competitions
  • Providing valuable content
There’s so much more. Some brands have integrated checkout systems to allow users to purchase items that friends share easily.

Chat with strangers.

Kik’s most appealing feature is also its most worrying… Users can chat with strangers. You will receive a message when you sign up for Kik. This message gives you the opportunity to discover public groups based on different interest areas. It is simple to join a conversation if you have found a group you are interested in. Do you want to continue a conversation with someone? You can privately message anyone that you meet. You can chat with someone if they accept your private message. This feature isn’t unique. Facebook Messenger, for example, allows you to perform the same function. It’s the seamlessness of the chat feature and how fast you can connect to people while remaining completely anonymous. What do you think? I’ll let you decide.

Future Dating Potential

Kik’s user base is also growing among 18-24 year olds. Kik has also been suggested to be used for dating by 18-24-year-olds. Tinder and other apps encourage you to make a judgment based only on a few photos and a brief bio. Kik allows you to create groups and find people who share your interests. You can find people with similar interests.

How much time do Kik users spend on the app?

You can see from the above that Kik has many different features to help you connect with your friends or even strangers. How much time does the average user spend on Kik?

Time Spent Per Month

Teens use Kik for an average of 2,200 minutes per month. This is equivalent to 36.5 hours of messaging per month.

Time Spent Per Day

The average user spends about 1 hour per day using Kik. The average time spent by teens on Kik is 74 minutes per day. They expect that the average amount of time spent on Kik per day will increase as the user base continues to grow. The average duration of a Kik session is 2 min 24 sec.

What you need to know before incorporating Kik into your marketing strategy

Kik is a popular app with a large user base. These users are highly engaged and use the app frequently. Kik has been integrated into the marketing strategies of many big and small companies. What you need to consider to determine if Kik will be a useful platform for your marketing.

Kik beat all the records in its first month of launch back in 2010.

Kik had over one million users registered within 15 days. Why was it so successful? Kik offers a level of privacy that is far beyond other apps. This includes paid messaging apps. It has attracted a large number of people, especially teens.

The app has been the subject of many rounds of investment over the years

Over the past ten years, companies from around the globe have invested millions in the app. Kik has raised $215,8 million in 6 funding rounds. Kik has been able to maintain its strong messaging app, and its growth has continued since its beginning in 2010. Funding rounds total Funding QuantityLead InvestorsInvestors

App Investment Company MediaLab Now Owns App Investment Company AppInvestment

Kik’s journey has not been a smooth one. Kik’s CEO announced in 2019, about nine years after the app’s creation, that it would be closed down on October 19, 2019. Just a few short weeks before the scheduled shutdown, MediaLab from the US stepped in and saved the day. They purchased Kik for a non-disclosed amount and took control of all operations. MediaLab has a reputation for buying quality apps and bringing them to a new level. The company’s resources and technology are constantly improving Kik. After purchasing Kik, several updates and patches were released to enhance the user experience. This all sounds wonderful, but what is the question? Kik has grown since its launch. Yes, it has.

Kik user base growth

Kik is now downloaded more than 1 million times per month. Kik, which is well-positioned to offer a good alternative to messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, has become more popular in recent years. Kik is a fantastic app with a high retention rate.

Kik’s best markets are teenagers and young adults.

Think Kik is good for your business. Your ideal customer would be teens and young adults. Kik’s most active and largest users are between the ages of 13 and 24. Around 70% of active users are in this age group. Kik is a great way to engage this group of people and expand your business. What is the US market for selling? Kik is used by almost 40% of young Americans, which makes it a perfect platform to reach and engage this market.

How brands use Kik to reach teens and increase engagement & purchase

Kik has been successfully integrated into the marketing of some brands. Two of the biggest names in music:
  • Shopify
  • Sephora
This is how they do it.


Shopify was looking for an easy way to introduce teenagers to the store owners they list and to the products that they sell. The goal was to create something that would not only increase sales for the store owners but also be fun and engaging. They created a Kik Messenger bot to help teenagers find the right gift for their friends and families:
  • Users of Kik are asked to answer a few simple questions.
  • The bot will recommend products that Shopify store owners sell.
Shopify and Kik Case Study.


Sephora is one of the first large brands to use Kik. Sephora’s main strategy is to share content both from its brand and influencers in the beauty industry. They used Kik to promote their content, such as:
  • Live Videos
  • Tutorials.
  • Articles.
They have had great success in encouraging authentic engagements among a predominantly teen audience. Their “Prom Campaign” was one of their most successful campaigns. The campaign was designed to drive engagement about beauty on Prom night. They were able to engage thousands of users and position their beauty product as the best choice for Prom Night. Learn more about Kik and Sephora Prom.

Wrapping it Up

Kik, a messaging app that has been growing rapidly in recent years, is expected to compete with the larger messenger apps. It has a loyal and highly engaged user base. Is it worth investing in? Kik allows businesses to reach the younger generation.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations
  • Engage users with interactive methods.
Many small and large brands have already done this successfully. Kik is a great option for businesses looking to reach out to a younger demographic.