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Growth Hacking Tricks: Turn your Difficult Clients into Real Brand Advocates!

I have to disagree to a mindset that growth hacking is just another buzzword. Growth hacking is a unique practice with its set of goals, and it often extends beyond digital marketing, per se, to include using branding and even customer service as marketing devices. In the simplest words, growth hacking is adopting and adapting… Read more »

Beyond Google Rankings: How Buzzfeed, Spotify and Zynga Generate Revenue from Traffic

Let’s say you’re a small business that started out online with a simple WordPress website. Then you went on to build and establish a known brand in your niche. Now you’ve jumped a few steps ahead, monetized your site and made it fully transactional. The final piece of the puzzle is getting the right traffic… Read more »

Top performing Facebook Ad campaigns you should launch today

You can leverage the email addresses you already have to create profitable paid campaigns. In this post, we’ll share a few tips to create high-performing paid campaigns in Facebook. Everything you’re about to read has been proven by yours truly over the last few years. To get started, you’ll need access to Facebook’s Power Editor. The… Read more »