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Major changes to Positionly – Positionly Blog


The last couple of months were very busy for us. We’ve been working on a lot of features and refinements in Positionly – starting with the simplified interface, completely reworked settings section, added keyword bonuses, and ending on the position checker working faster and more accurately than ever. 

Keywords Bonuses

Anyone can now earn additional keywords, either by inviting users to their account, tweeting about Positionly, or sharing some love on Facebook. There are other ways of getting bonus keywords; you can see all the options after logging into your account!

New pricing levels

Plan levels had undergone some changes. A lot of our customers will be happy to hear that the Enterprise plan is now the Plus plan, with a doubled amount of keywords.

As an addition to the current plans, a new Enterprise has been added; this plan has 2500 keywords available and is priced at $199 per month.

More changes to come

Releasing this major update to Positionly doesn’t mean we’re done.

Many more changes are coming in the upcoming months. Changes that are not only updates but completely new features that will make your SEO work more enjoyable than ever before.

You can keep up with updates on our Twitter or Facebook or by subscribing to this blog.

Change Management as a Necessity

In certain companies, some stakeholders frequently ask for changes in management for projects. In other organizations’ projects, it is added to projects by change professionals, and they still need to justify the value they bring to projects. What can you do to change the discussion to show your business the importance of change management, which is crucial to the success of projects and other major initiatives? In order to make change management seem like an absolute necessity, it’s essential to make clear the reasons behind your project’s success on the actions of people who do things differently in order to improve your project’s outcomes. And how you can change management can make it possible to achieve:
  • Organizations bring about change through an initiative or project
  • The changes will affect the way that employees within the company perform their jobs.
  • The ability to get people to perform their work differently is essential to achieving the project’s objectives and achieving positive results.
  • Change management offers the structure, intention, and tools that inspire people to use and adopt more frequently changes by assisting them through the transitions.

Organizations introduce change

Repositioning change management could require a comprehension of what change looks like in the present. Leaders and coworkers can simplify the concept of change if they do not understand that the current world is constant, fast-paced, and complicated:
  • Change types such as formalized initiatives, formalized projects, and transformational initiatives
  • Changes in the process Processes, tools, technology, structure of the organization, and the job duties
  • Considerations regarding funding for change Budgets are not required; a minimal budget or huge budgets
  • Catalysts for transformation – ranging from top-down initiatives initiated by leaders of the top to grassroots initiatives created by engaged and empowered employees
  • The scope for change ranges from incremental changes that require small adjustments to the way work is done to a dramatic shift that fundamentally alters the way in which the business functions.
  • The cause of change is strategic plans, threats to competitiveness, customers’ requirements, supply chain economic shifts, and regulatory changes.
Whatever the reason for the change, they are an attempt to take the company from a present state to a transition to a form that is in the future. Every change is an attempt to boost performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue, enhancing the quality of services as well as reducing risk. The objective is to get towards a condition that is superior to the current situation or enables the organization to reach its goals and improve efficiency.  

Rank Tracker

We track the ranking of keywords on the most well-known search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. With a user-friendly dashboard, it’s easy to manage the most complex of phrases and assess the performance of each. Additionally, Positionly has an integration with Google Analytics, which makes monitoring the traffic on a website and your rank data a breeze.