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Multiple Google Analytics Connections – Blog

 Today, we’ve released an update to the Google Analytics Integration feature.

From now on, you can connect Positionly to more than one Google Analytics account. 

The new feature is available in the “Website Settings” section.

The quality is also available from the “Google Analytics” section.

Alternative 1: Link Analytics to a Google Ads Manager account (MCC)


  • All accounts of your Google Ads account you manage to Analytics at a single click.
  • Change the conversion actions and lists of remarketing on the manager’s account.
  • It is easier to manage your import goals and transactions in Analytics as well as remarketing lists and website engagement statistics and export Google Ads cost data across several Google Ads accounts by collecting the data in one account.
  • Automatically connect your account with your Analytics properties once you have added the report to your Manager account.

How to connect Analytics to the Google Ads Manager account (MCC)

  • You own one or more Analytics properties you wish to link to a variety of Google Ads accounts, all run by a report in the Google Ads Manager account
  • There are times when you make brand new Google Ads accounts that you would like to automatically link to the same properties of Analytics as your existing Google Ads accounts
  • You’d like to make use of cross-account conversion tracking, cross-account marketing, or cross-account attribution reports in Google Ads
Discover how to connect Google Analytics to a Google Ads manager account.

Multiple Links to Analytics

If a Google Ads account is linked to Analytics via both direct and any of the manager accounts, the Analytics views resulting from the direct link, as well as the link to the manager, will be displayed in the Google Ads account. We suggest removing all direct connections to Analytics when a managed account has been connected through an administrator, with the exception of the following scenarios:
  • A managed account has an Analytics Remarketing List. If you wanted to take away the link to Analytics the list, you would have to end the list of remarketing.
  • This managed account isn’t using the cross-account conversion tracking system: If you wish to keep the import of Analytics goals and transactions into your account, you must not remove the connection to Analytics.
  • The Analytics account imports YouTube and displays network views from Google Ads into Multi-Channel Funnels. If you decide to delete from the Google Ads account’s direct link to Analytics Display, network impressions will not be displayed on Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels. This feature is not currently accessible via the manager account.

Accounts for individuals with options

When you connect Analytics to a Google Ads manager account, you’ll still be able to accomplish the following at the level of an individual account:
  • Choose the Analytics view you are using to load site statistics from
  • Import your goals and transactions immediately after linking the history of the individual to Analytics (if you are not employing cross-account conversion tracking within Google Ads).

Option 2. Connect to multiple Google Ads accounts through Analytics

You may choose to create your Analytics links via Analytics, allowing you to connect multiple accounts at the same time.


  • Connect a set of Google Ads accounts that you can manage to Analytics in just one step.

When should you connect several accounts via Analytics

  • You shouldn’t have every one of the Google Ads accounts managed by a Google Ads manager account (MCC) associated to one Analytics property
  • You don’t want any new Google Ads accounts under the manager account to be connected to the same Analytics property automatically.
  • It is not recommended to track conversions across accounts as well as cross-account remarketing or attributing your account to a different cross (Search Funnels)