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What would be the best software for you? The answer is simple – yours. The way you like it. Period.

We want to introduce to you a new feature we’re really excited about. Positionly Add-ons let you customize your experience and manage your day-to-day tasks more smartly. From now on, you will be able to extend the basic functionality of Positionly with powerful plug-ins that will let you work more effectively and comfortably.
But that’s not all. You or your development team will be able to author your Add-ons – by tapping into Positionly’s API, you’ll be able to utilize its full potential in ways most tailored to your needs.

How to use Add-ons

Positionly Add-ons are visible in the upper menu on your dashboard.

The list of add-ons is available at addons.positionly.com

In order to use the add-on, pick the one you wish to use and click the Install button.

The add-on of your choice will be available under the Add-ons section and ready to save you time and boost your performance.

Learn more about Positionly Add-ons at addons.positionly.com/about.

There are a variety of SEO Software out there on the market.
The majority of these tools are made for large companies.
They allow you to control the majority of elements associated with SEO campaigns. However, they are a bit complicated and also quite expensive.
People who wish to work on improving their
Search Engine Optimization: You could get overwhelmed by the various options and metrics and might not use the majority of the votes.
What’s more is that SEO solutions for enterprises can be expensive, and not every company can be able to afford this type of investment.
Do you have a similar scenario? SEO is already difficult, and today, it’s much more complicated and challenging; therefore, why would you want to complicate it further? Also, the clock will always be against you, and the only thing you have to do is concentrate on your business’s needs instead of SEO.

About Positionly

Positionly is designed to be simple yet full of features SEO software that provides all the essential information to enhance your SEO. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand manner that lets you concentrate on the most important thing – running your business.


Positionly allows you to monitor how you can track your SEO quickly and effortlessly. With an easy-to-use interface, work will be accomplished rapidly and efficiently. It was created to make SEO accessible to anyone who isn’t knowledgeable about Search Engine Marketing, but it can meet the requirements of larger companies, too.

The most important characteristics are:

Website Rank Checking Website Rank Tracking permits you to analyze and check the position of your website in the search engine results for any keyword you want to rank. It’s easy to understand how your websites are performing and to understand how changes in keywords impact your rankings on a regular basis. Competitor Analysis You can track your competitors’ websites and monitor their ranking, as well as your specific keywords. Backlinks Backlinks are still essential for SEO because search engines such as Google or Bing are likely to provide more weightage to sites that have an abundance of high-quality backlinks and will take into account those websites to be more relevant than other sites on their result pages for search queries. It will notify you whenever you get a new hyperlink to your site. Add-ons What would be the ideal application for you? The answer is easy: you choose it according to your preferences. Positionly is the sole software available that allows you to expand the features of the program by using powerful plug-ins, making your work more efficient and pleasant. Sound good? Do you want to take advantage of this? Chance to try the SEO tools for six months! Positionly will offer full versions of accounts for four lucky winners: One Premium plan (for 6-months *) and 3 Personal Plans and 3 Personal (for three months *). The premium plan offers ($294 worth) Rankings, Tracking of 25 keywords and ten sites, and Competitive analysis of up to ten competitors. Backlink Reports and Full API Access. The Personal Plan comes with ($228 worth) ranking tracking of 50 keywords, five websites, and competitor analysis for five competitors. Backlink Reports and Full API Access. Why not try it?

How do you be successful?

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