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Get Ready for a Major Update on December 2nd – Blog


Get ready for the big update! After gathering feedback from you and hours of brainstorming, research, and analysis, we prepared something special. Please share the news, follow us on our blog and social networks, and be with us on December 2nd!

Sneak Peek of What is Coming

1. trump

Former president Donald Trump was dealt a major blow when an appeals court in the federal courts on Thursday ended reviewing the master’s review special to the documents taken of the Mar-a-Lago estate. The decision removes a major hurdle to the Justice Department’s probe into the misuse of records from his tenure as president. White House. The panel specifically overturned the court order that authorized a specialist master or third-party attorney to look through the thousands of documents that were found in Trump’s house to determine what documents should be hidden from investigators. The court held that the judge shouldn’t have intervened in the initial in the first place. Trump’s legal team hasn’t decided whether to appeal the decision before the Supreme Court but is weighing the possibility.

2. Rail strike

It was reported that the Senate this week approved legislation to prevent the possibility of a shutdown for rail after a dire message from President Joe Biden that a strike could trigger economic chaos. The final vote of the Senate was 80-15, and the bill is going to the president’s desk to be approved by the president. If Congress had not acted, the possibility of a strike on rails could have started on the 9th of December, which could have caused shortages of products, spiking prices, and stopping manufacturing. The strike could also have disrupted the commuter rail service for millions of passengers each day and the transportation of a huge number of carloads of agricultural and food products, among others, according to a group of business organizations. Union leaders aren’t pleased with the arrangement negotiated by the White House, arguing it didn’t meet the employees’ demands for paid sick leave.

3. Student loans

President Biden’s program to forgive student loans is currently blocked, according to the Supreme Court announced Thursday; however, the justices have agreed to listen to oral arguments in this case later in February, with a decision anticipated in June. The program will provide up to $20,000 in relief from debt to millions of people who are borrowers. However, because of a lengthy list of legal issues, the government halted accepting applications about two weeks ago, and no debt has been canceled to date. Around 26 million people had applied for the program prior to it being shut down. “President Biden will keep fighting against efforts to rob middle-class families of the relief they need and deserve,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated in an announcement she praised the decision of the Supreme Court to consider the case.

4. China protests

Chinese officials are making use of cellphone data to locate protesters who protested against the COVID-19 restrictions, according to a telephone conversation between a protester and police CNN. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of the major Chinese cities during the weekend, demanding an end to strict testing and the lockdowns. Many also protested against censorship and ordered the deportation from the office of Chinese chief Xi Jinping. Since the protests began, protesters have received calls from police seeking information on whether they participated. The protesters are also instructed to attend police stations to be questioned and to sign a note of their participation in the protests.


NASA’s moon-based mission, which was a landmark in its time, has reached the end of its mission. Its Orion spacecraft, which is at the center part of the Artemis I mission, is making its final journey through the moon before returning to Earth. The spacecraft has spent the last 15 days exploring deep space and has made an unimaginable journey beyond the moon. On Monday, the view will show glimpses of the most famous lunar locations, like lava beds that astronauts have explored during the Apollo period. From there, the craft will begin to rev up its engines before making its return to Earth and splashing down into the Pacific Ocean off San Diego on the 11th of December. The main objective that Artemis is pursuing is to test the limits of the spacecraft before trying to take astronauts back to the moon in 2024.


Elon Musk suspends Kanye West’s Twitter account

Kanye West’s Twitter account was suspended this morning following Elon Musk’s claim that the bill violated the rules of the platform regarding encouraging violence. CNN could not determine which tweet led to West’s suspension. On Thursday night, West – who has legally changed his name to Ye tweeted a modified photo that depicts the Star of David with a Swastika within. The tweet comes in the wake of a string of antisemitic tweets posted by West in recent months.


Pantone’s color of the year is revealed.

This striking hue was chosen due to the fact that it “promotes optimism and joy,” the company claimed.

Harrison Ford returns as the hero of the title in a trailer for the film ‘Indiana Jones’.

Jones returns for a new adventure, even though he thinks his days of risk-taking have “come and gone.” Take a look at the trailer for the teaser here.

Scientists develop a ‘baby’ web as science fiction moves closer to the fact.

Do you remember that mind-bending scene from the conclusion of “Interstellar?” Well, scientists are working on Wormholes that are a rift between time and space – or a bridge that connects two distant regions of the universe.

Prepare yourself to get a closer glimpse into the life of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Netflix has shared a preview of the couple’s upcoming docu-series “Harry & Meghan.” Watch the short video that has people waiting to watch it when it comes out.

Germany was eliminated from World Cup

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In the course of the two eerie Group E games, fans of Spain, Japan, Costa Rica, and Germany believed that their teams could be heading to the knockout stage. However, J Japan came back to beat Costa Rica 2-1 and take the lead in the group.


The world’s biggest active volcano is currently erupting for only the second time in more than 40 years. Where is it where is it located?

A. Japan

B. Hawaii

C. Washington

D. Wyoming

Check out CNN’s weekly news test right here for you to find out whether you’re correct!



It’s been a long time gone by since 9/11, that tragic day that saw nearly three thousand people killed during terror attacks that struck New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Almost two decades after the event, the report was released that reveals that President George W. Bush did not acknowledge that there was an imminent threat to the homeland in the days before 9/11, and also the idea the administration might have stopped the attacks from occurring.


“Vive la France and God bless America.”

President Biden is seen raising his glass in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron Thursday during an extravagant dinner for the state in the White House. The dinner was a return of a custom that had been absent since the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19. The president’s advisers said to CNN that the meal was an integral part of the US efforts to revive the relationship with France as a crucial American all-weather ally.