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Introducing Positionly Refer-a-Friend Program


Hey, Positionly users! Are you prepared for some good news? We’re happy to announce the launch of our brand new Refer-a-Friend program. Curious what it is? It basically means you can lower your monthly payment – even down to zero! Sounds good, huh?

Ok, but Why a Referral?

Many of you have been with us for a long time, happily monitoring your SEO performance. We always want to express how much it means to us, so we’re continuously looking for new ways of saying ‘thank you for being with us.’

Some time ago, we launched the Affiliate System and, more recently, the Badge Program. It turned out great for those who took part in it. Unfortunately, these promotions weren’t simple enough for everybody to join and benefit from them. That’s why we started seeking something better and open to everyone. That’s how we came up with the Refer-a-Friend initiative.

At Positionly, we believe that there’s no better endorsement than the recommendation of a happy customer. That’s why today – if you’re our client, have or ever had our free trial account, and you have the account owner access – whenever you refer somebody, you will earn $20 in credit each time a new user spends their first $20 with us. Naturally, many of you spread word-of-mouth about us with your family, friends, or clients. Now you can get rewarded for those! Isn’t it awesome? But that’s not all! Everybody you refer will get $10 in credit for their fresh start with us.

Perfect! So, How Does It Work?

The Positionly referral program is simple and intuitive.


1. You tell your friends about us in one of three ways:

  • send an email invitation

… by selecting your Gmail contacts


… or by typing the email addresses manually

  • You can also share your referral link socially
  • Or simply paste it on your website, blog, or wherever you think your friends might find it. You can get creative here!

2. Each of your referrals will get a $10 bonus just for their takeoff with Positionly.

3. Once any of them becomes our happy customer and spends their first $20 with us, we will reward you with $20 applied to your Positionly account.

You can invite as many people as you wish since there are no limits to the amount of credits you can earn this way. This means your successful referrals could repeatedly lower or even take away all of your monthly SEO tracking costs!

Keep Track of Your Referrals!

We’ve made monitoring your referrals simple for you. You’ll be able to find all the data within the referrals section, stating the number of invitations sent, people who signed up for free trials, people who converted to paying clients, and finally – the total earned!


You will also get in-app notifications with the good news!?


So what are you waiting for? Take off and start spreading the word about us!

Let’s get down to referring!

The referral program was created for you guys! That’s why I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. If you have ideas for making the program even better, feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email at support@positionly.com!

Happy Referring!