Multiple Currencies Support

We have a new important announcement. From now on Positionly makes it easier to settle the payments and offers multiple currencies! Currently we support: USD, EUR, PLN, TRY and RUB. 

Positionly is being used by various companies and professionals from around the world. Until now our prices were only available in USD. We received many signals that you – our clients would like to have a possibility to use local currencies instead  To make the tool even more accessible we decided to implement multiple currencies. We will be adding additional ones depending on need and priority.

Feel free to contact our support in case of any questions!

SaaS and Subscription companies are designed for growth in global markets. Businesses like Dropbox and SurveyMonkey have demonstrated that the majority of their customers are from around the world.

The most frequent theme of the great success these businesses have enjoyed is the practice of price Localization. allows a user to pay in their native currency and using a preferred method of payment, is an important thing.The ‘deal’ is larger in the event of subscription-based companies, since a buyer may decide to opt to make one-time payments but they’ll definitely stay clear from the risk of being charged with a different amount every quarter, due to constant change in exchange rates.

When SurveyMonkey revealed their business as 55% American-based, and they were intent on reducing it to 25 percent.

Selina Tobaccowala, their previous CTO and President, who was in charge of the efforts to expand globally in the past, said that integrating internationalization into their payment systems was a crucial element. “Regardless of the payment service providers you use today, you’re going to have to use a different one for other countries.”

She adds, “This sounds easy enough however it involves abstracting your payments in your app to enable you to connect to an alternative PSP later. If you consider it in the early stages you can build the abstract layer and save the hassle of rebuilding your entire checkout process. .”

With the ability to handle several payment processors as well as precise calculation of taxes based on country and accounting integrations Chargebee already lets you attain this level of abstraction.

With a more robust feature such as Multi-currency Pricing, you can sell from Anchorage to Canberra in Australian dollars, and from Toulouse towards Saint Petersburg in Russian Ruble and the list goes on. You can take payment in more than 100currencies, and manage your subscriptions on one page.

You can enjoy chocolate chip cookies and also enable multi-currency.

It’s as easy as that. Learn how to set up multi-currency in your business using Chargebee. Chargebee helps many of the fastest-growing SaaS and subscription-based businesses to expand, rise and expand globally through its world-class service for managing subscriptions and billing software.