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New Landing Page Optimization Analysis Feature – Positionly Blog


We want to present the new landing page optimization checking feature in Positionly. A properly executed on-page SEO is a foundation of good future results from search engine marketing campaigns. From now on, Positionly will provide you with a tool that will help you check if any landing page of your choice is properly optimized for the keywords you want to rank for.

How to use it

The new feature is located in the main navigation bar on your dashboard.

on-page optimization dashboard

In order to perform your first check, simply click on the button and add the address of the web page you’d like to check, as well as the keyword you’d like your analysis to be carried out.

Website Keyword Research

The application will now analyze our web page. Depending on the web page, it’s size, and structure, the analysis should be ready within a few seconds.

On-page seo check

Once the analysis is ready, you can see a detailed report covering the following:

  • Positionly Rank – the better your website optimization is, the higher the score will be. We created such a rank in order to let you easily check how well your website is prepared for SEO activities.
  • Total number of issues that have occurred. Problems are categorized into three different groups depending on their importance. The breakdown consists of major problems, moderate issues, and minor issues.

On-page SEO issues

When you fix the pointed issues, you can do the re-check of your web page. Set elements, or the ones that don’t need any optimization in the first place, will be blanked out.

Landing page optimization fixes

Your web page checks will be visible in the main research view, with a glimpse of your web page’s rank, issues, keywords, and the date of the last review.

Landing page optimization results

Log in to your account and check the new feature now! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

The last update was on October 9, 2023.

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What are the main essential characteristics of the CRO tools to optimize landing pages? CRO?

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Optimization tools for landing pages are essential to anyone who is looking to enhance their efficiency in conversion (CRO) method. These tools can help you design tests, analyze, and test different variations of your landing pages in order to determine which ones work better and what the reason is. However, with all the options to choose from, how do you select the most effective one that meets your requirements? This article will look at some of the key characteristics of the tools to optimize landing pages for CRO and how they can aid you in reaching your objectives.
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Design that is flexible and easy to use

One of the primary qualities you should be looking for when choosing a landing page optimization tool is the simplicity and versatility of the design. You’ll want a tool that lets users design and build landing pages quickly and efficiently without the need for coding expertise or technical skills. Additionally, you want an application that provides various template elements, customization, and options to create landing pages that are in line with your brand’s identity and users. A great tool for optimizing landing pages must be responsive, meaning that it adjusts to various screen sizes and types of devices.
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  • Farhad Tavana

    Digital Marketing Manager at Kian Capital


    A compact, well-optimized, and simple landing page can help to draw the attention of your target crowd quickly and improve the likelihood of getting what you want.

  • Amir Talebpour

    Digital Marketing Professional | Social Media Marketing | SEO | Content Marketing | Content Strategy | Driving Business Growth


    Improved user experience by optimizing the landing page to offer more valuable, well-structured, and relevant content and interactions with users will result in a more enjoyable and enjoyable experience for them. Conversion improvement: LPO ensures you achieve the highest conversion rate that can be seen in the e-commerce sales or lead generation – from visitors who land on your landing page. Lower cost for customer acquisition By providing greater worth to your visitors who are targeted and optimizing the user experience, LPO also contributes to lower cost-per-click (CPC) as well as a reduction in overall cost of acquisition (CAC.

Multivariate and A/B testing

Another major characteristic of the tools for optimizing landing pages is the capability to conduct A/B and multivariate tests. A/B testing is the process of testing two versions of a landing site to determine which one is more effective in generating conversions. Multivariate testing is a technique that tests multiple elements of an online landing page simultaneously to determine which combination is the best. Both methods help you improve your landing pages using data and evidence instead of guesswork or intuition. A reliable tool for optimizing landing pages will allow you to start, conduct, and review your tests quickly and precisely.
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  • Amir Scapa

    Digital Marketing Expert | AI Enthusiast | Data Analysis Accelerating client success using data-driven and result-oriented strategies


    When it comes to optimizing landing pages, choosing between testing with A/B as well as Multivariate Testing is critical. A/B testing is a great option for websites with little traffic and major changes and is suitable in the case of up to 500 daily conversions. It can be used for 2-3 variations for a comprehensive test. Multivariate Testing, however needs a high volume of numbers of visitors and is used for improving existing websites. It is effective for websites with more than 1,000 monthly conversions. It also allows simultaneous testing for various elements. In short, you should use A/B for smaller traffic and large modifications; choose Multivariate for large traffic and tuning.

Analytics and insights

Another feature of these tools includes the ability to provide analytics and insight. You’re looking for tools that not only analyze and track the performance of your landing page but give you actionable information and suggestions on how you can improve the performance of your landing page. You’ll want tools that provide metrics like conversion rate and bounce rate, as well as time on the page and click-through rates, along with more sophisticated metrics like scroll maps, heatmaps, and eye-tracking. A reputable landing page optimization tool must also be integrated with other agencies for analytics, including Google Analytics, to give you a comprehensive analysis of the results of CRO.
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  • Farhad Tavana

    Digital Marketing Manager at Kian Capital


    Before you launch the campaign, make sure you activate tools for reviewing pages like Google Analytics Clear, Hotjar, or Clarity for the customer’s journey and the reaction to elements on the page. You should also monitor the results throughout the campaign so that you are able to correct the issues quickly.


    Heatmaps are the part that I’ve seen the majority of marketing teams don’t get. Google Analytics is indeed fantastic to provide you with the majority of information about your “numeric” side of how your site is performing however, it does not give you information on how each page is actually being used. Combining the two tools is essential to long-term success.


Segmentation and personalization

The fourth benefit of tools to optimize landing pages is the ability to customize and divide those landing pages. Personalization refers to the process of customizing your landing pages according to the particular preferences, needs, and behavior of your users. It is the method of breaking your customers into various groups based on factors like the location or device, source, or stage of your buyer’s process. Both ways help you provide more relevant and enjoyable experiences for your customers, which will increase the number of conversions you get and your loyalty. A reliable landing page optimization tool will enable you to design and then apply various versions of landing pages for different groups of your target customer base.