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New Partnership – Wix.com


We are excited to make an important announcement. Positionly is now an official partner of Wix.com – a leading cloud-based web development platform. As a result of this partnership, Positionly is officially available for everyone through the Wix Marketplace.

About Wix

With Wix, you can easily create your first website with no coding skills. The platform makes the development process simple. You can choose from many beautifully designed templates, so your blog or an online store will have a unique look. Wix offers not only a very intuitive website builder. Once your website is created, you can host it and use your domain with no additional configuration.

Search Engine Optimization

Wix-hosted websites are fully prepared to meet the demands of search engine optimization. With a dedicated SEO Wizard, you can receive practical recommendations that will help you fix the most common on-page issues.

Positionly App Market Integration

While Wix strives to provide easy-to-build websites for any business, Positionly delivers user-friendly tools that help in building their visibility in search engines. Positionly integration with the Wix platform extends its capabilities of measuring SEO and allows users to analyze their website in one single dashboard seamlessly.

How to access the tool

You can access Positionly from the Wix App Marketplace.

You can also pick Positionly directly from your Dashboard. Click on “My Apps“.

Once chosen, Positionly will be available in your web apps list.

Positionly brings the same simple and intuitive account configuration to Wix, so you can easily set up your profile and monitor your progress within minutes!

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Wix Partners: About the Wix Partner Program

3 min read
This Wix Partner Program allows you access to professional support and a team that is dedicated to your achievement. As a Wix Partner, you gain access to exclusive benefits like customized training account management, and support priority, along with revenue share and much more.

How does the Wix Partner Program work

If you’re a freelancer or an agency that creates websites for clients, you are eligible to sign up for the Wix Partner Program. Wix Partner Program. Through this program, Wix Partner Program, you earn points for every Premium website you design. When you earn points, you will be able to attain higher levels, which allow you to unlock a myriad of new advantages.

Earn points

You earn points automatically for every Premium site you have in the account you have created in your Wix account. It is possible to earn points for a Premium site on an additional charge if you’ve been working on it and are an active collaborator on the site. You are also able to earn points by becoming certified in Velo through Wix. Find out how to earn points with the Partner Program.
Tips: You can view details regarding all points you’ve earned by visiting the “Partner level” section located on the homepage of your dashboard for Partners.