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The New Positionly Is Finally Here! – Positionly Blog


It’s been a while since there was any communication about any new features or improvements to Positionly… but there’s a very good reason for this!

For the better part of the last five months, we’ve been working on the next big version of Positionly! It’s our pleasure to introduce it today finally.

Some of you already have had access to it during the private beta period; all your feedback was super-valuable, you’ve caught a bunch of bugs that we’ve missed, and, most importantly, you’ve helped us shape the direction of the new position. For this, we thank you!

Today’s a good day to list out some of the awesome changes and improvements that we’ve made to Positionly. Starting with the most notable:

A beautifully simplified and improved User Interface

The first thing that you’ll notice is how different the interface is. We haven’t changed it just for the sake of changing, but created an easy-on-the-eye, flat, and, most of all, unified interface that spans across all the features and sections of Positionly.

We’ve listened to all of the feedback that our fantastic customers have given us, and we have taken it into account when redesigning our User Interface, starting with additional information on the Dashboard like Inbound Links, table column customization, quick switching between websites, to redoing how the keywords manager works.


Website Activities

The new version of Positionly brings two new major features to the game.

The first big change is your Website Activity feed. This observes and intelligently analyzes your website’s traffic, search rankings, backlinks, and competitors. The coolest part is that it even notifies you once something of big interest is detected; while this is still in beta, we really wanted you to see how this works, and with your help and suggestions, we can make it even better!



The second big feature is our To-dos section! These are dozens of suggestions on how you can improve your Website’s SEO and Marketing strategy – spanning different topics like Inbound Links, Social, On-Page Optimization, and some generic ones that every Website should comply with in order to improve its presence on the search engines.


New overviews

Both the general Dashboard overview and the single website overview have changed. Now, there is more space to display larger amounts of valuable data like Search Ranking Changes and Averages, as always, in a very minimalistic and clear way. This is your bird’s eye view of your inbound marketing efforts.


We’re definitely not done yet.

There has also been a bunch of under-the-hood changes that will allow us to build upon features and create new ones. Ultimately, this is great for you because fantastic improvements to Positionly will keep on coming!

The future is really bright; we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next!

What should you say to welcome a new employee?

If you are welcoming an employee who is new to the company, Your message could accomplish many things. You could let them know you’re happy they’ve joined your team, guide them through the company culture, and tell them about the traits you appreciate in the person they are. When you send the person an email or hand them a note written by hand, be sure to keep it brief and simple. Let them know that you’re thrilled you’re there using words like:
  • “We’re so glad you’ve chosen to come work at [company name].”
  • “We’re excited to get to know you and work alongside you.”
  • “Congratulations! You’ll be an incredible addition to the team.”
Establish expectations for the workplace and define the culture of the team by using the words:
  • “We believe you’ll fit right in with our values of hard work and innovative thinking.”
  • “I’m glad to have another member joining our creative team.”
  • “Please reach out to me or others with any questions you may have — we value teamwork and want to be there for one another.”
Encourage them to let them know what traits you observe in them:
  • “I think you’ll fit right in with the rest of the team — like you, they’re hard-working and goal-oriented individuals.”
  • “I’m excited to see how you use your expertise and innovative thinking to help us reach new heights!”
  • “As a creative and passionate individual, we’re excited to see how you impact your team.”
This welcome note is something you could give them prior to their day of start. Don’t stress about issues such as benefits, dress code, or the details of their offer to work -These are all things you can find out by studying the employee handbook or talking with human resources. Your goal is to alleviate a few of those first-day anxieties by greeting the guests with genuine warmth.