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Positionly Cyber Monday Deals Sneak Peek


Winter is coming! And with winter, a special period of the year is coming too.
Why so special? Because of… Christmas, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Cyber Monday!

We all love discounts, so the truth is that we can’t wait for it. Everybody wants to receive a great opportunity. Every time we browse the web looking for applications that make our lives easier, we subconsciously wait to purchase when there are lucrative discounts that will appear after Thanksgiving.

So, it’s time to get ready! 

Last year, our Cyber Monday offer was very popular!! It was met with huge interest, so this year, we’ve decided to go one step further…and we’ve prepared a special Cyber Monday Deal for our new and monthly subscribers.

Curious what we’ve got in store for you?

Well, sorry! We can’t tell you yet – it’s top secret!! 🙂 Keep a careful eye on our social channels, blog, and emails! We will reveal all the details this week, and it is going to be our best deal of 2015!

The process of coming up with a unique sales idea will need some thought-provoking brainstorming; here is a list of Black Friday marketing ideas you could use as a source of ideas.

1. Help with gift-giving this season

The Christmas season is a time to give gifts to family, friends, and colleagues. In a world where loved ones are scattered across large distances, ecommerce could aid in bridging the gap no matter if your customers are searching for ways to impress relatives and friends or taking part in a gift exchange over long distances. This can be made easy for both existing and new customers by offering gifts-related cross-selling and upselling, providing gift wrapping services, customized messages and cards, and the option of choosing the date on which you want the gift to be delivered. There are a variety of Shopify applications that will aid you in integrating gift alternatives into your shopping, including Super.
John’s Crazy Socks allows shoppers to add gift wrap to the purchase.

2. Give a gift card along when you make a purchase

One of the most creative ways to use gift cards as an incentive is during an offer. When a buyer buys a particular product or completes an order that exceeds a certain threshold, they can receive the gift card free for the next purchase. If you’re a member of Shopify, gift card support is included for all plans. Since gift cards can only be redeemable when they are used, it results in a win-win scenario that results in either another customer later on or a brand new customer in the event that the gift card was handed out to a friend or family member.

3. Create a collection of your goods

Bundling products is among the most effective ways to offer the customer with more value and increase the value of orders placed by your store and is an essential strategy to ensure a steady profitability margin for your company. Based on the brand you represent, If you have a brand, you could extend this idea by creating a mystery pack that contains the best of your products at a substantial discount to those who are willing to purchase everything. This also has the advantage of helping you get rid of your unproductive inventory.
The gift packages for the holidays from Nguyen Coffee Supply are a great example of grouping different products.
To make the deals more appealing, you could make bundles with tiers, as Nguyen Coffee Supply offers. Offering multiple bundles with different prices can make it easier to connect with customers with diverse budgets. You could also make some of the items within the bundle as a “mystery” and slowly reveal the things on every day of your sale. In this way, by telling articles each day, you will be able to attract every segment of your customers every day and generate steady sales and traffic throughout the entire duration of your sale. Make chats sales-generating with Shopify Inbox. Shopify Inbox It’s a no-cost application that lets you communicate with customers in real-time and check out what’s on their shopping carts. Share discount codes, make automated messages, and learn how chats affect sales from the Shopify administrator. Discover Shopify Inbox

4. You can make your offers more exciting by gamifying them

If you haven’t experimented with gamification–allowing customers to “play to win” your offers–BFCM is a great opportunity to do so. By incorporating gamification in your online store, you will increase the engagement of the BFCM campaign. Gamification comes in a variety of varieties. There are some strategies that you can set up and simply test with Shopify’s applications. Wheelio Wheelio is an application that transforms emails into a fun game of luck. Customers spin a wheel or play a slot machine-style game, hoping to land a significant discount, like 30% off purchases over the specified amount or a gift when they purchase, etc. The goal of the game is to boost the email and SMS rate of opt-in for new visitors and also re-engage your customers with a brand new method to save money on their preferred products.
The Wheelio pop-up game could assist you in interacting with your clients. Wheelio

5. Break it into daily bargains

Maintaining momentum and excitement during the entire time of sale is among the most difficult aspects of a long BFCM campaign. Finding new customers to buy throughout a four or five-day, even seven-day period could necessitate you to develop unique single-day sales only for certain items. Daily Deals, which are available on Shopify’s Shopify App Store, can aid you in the execution of these promos that have a time limit. You can also add a countdown bar to increase the urgency of your promotions and create one page on your website where all live deals are live. If you are selling a range of products, this kind of marketing offers opportunities to target specific segments of your client base. Offering a daily (or even a nightly) offer can also increase opening rates for emails since every day, you can send out a new email with fresh content, as well as a request that is only available for a short time.