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Positionly for the iPhone – Positionly Blog


While the application doesn’t provide all the functionality available on the web, we’ve included features that our clients most desired,

  • Dashboard with 24-hour position changes, average position, group/keyword statistics
  • Chart displaying last week’s changes for any of your websites, keywords, and groups
  • Single keywords view
  • Keywords Group view
  • Facility for comparing keyword positions
  • Ability to switch between different search engines and accounts with a single tap
In today’s review of Positionly, I’m going to introduce you to an outstanding online SEO software as well as an excellent Alternative to WebMeUp. The program was designed with the sole intention of bringing you to the top of the page of search engines and ensuring that you remain in that appealing position for as long as you want. You wouldn’t want to become a naive webmaster or blogger, do you? If you’re as smart as me, you’ll be interested in knowing what happens to your site’s SERP rank each day. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself as an online business owner;
  • Does my site gain a new rank position on SERP?
  • Am I moving down or to the top of SERP?
  • Is my blog gaining new backlinks?
  • Are my competitors doing better than I am?
  • What should I do to improve my performance on the search engines?
  • Etc
You are aware that you won’t be able to be able to answer these questions correctly without the aid of a world-class SEO tool. This is the point at which Positionly.com is able to provide breath-taking answers and help you make your SEO experience more pleasant.

Positionly Review – The professional-level SEO tracking tool!

Positionly will be the most effective method to monitor and increase your website’s ranking on search engines. It’s a set of basic, powerful SEO tools that allow you to track the orders of search engines quickly and simply. It lets you track the daily fluctuations, evaluate the effectiveness of keywords, and boost ranking with ease. It’s just a professional SEO tracking tool with an easy and user-friendly interface. Start your 14-day Trial today! No credit card is required! If you’ve been disappointed with your WebMeUp client, it is among the best WebMeUp alternatives.

Include your site’s URL to start!

The first step you’ll do following your sign-up is to include your website by using the easy but powerful wizard. In the next screen, you’ll have to tell the system the search engines and countries you would like to track the location of your site. It is important to remember that your SERP position differs across different regions and, of course, various search engines. Also, the results you get depend on your location.
If you are in the United States you’ll most likely get outcomes from United States for the typed query. Let’s suppose you are searching for a broad term such as, petrol station. The results you get for the search would be pertinent but only if reside located in the UK or another country in which a the term “petrol station” is a commonplace. In the US the United States, the term gasoline station will probably be more appropriate.
Based on the location of your home or the keywords that emphasize the locality of the information that you’re searching for, you’ll find results that are specific to your city. For instance: If you’re searching for the perfect restaurant, you’re looking for one close by rather than the most prestigious restaurant in the entire country, you think? Okay. You’re allowed to use up to five search engines and five countries. If you are in the USA as well as the United Kingdom, you can track for local rankings. You are likely to be monitoring your ranking for specific terms on the SERP. In this case, you will need to type in the keywords one per line. It is important to note that once your campaign is completed, you’ll be able to enter additional keywords, but you will need to remove some or combine them.

What’s next?

Positionly will show an overview report, as you can see in the picture below. It was amazing when I came to the stage. I had entered four keywords. However, the tool was able to draw more keywords from my domain. You will see it’s very simple to include your domain name and start using it. Let’s take a look at the other features of this SEO tracking tool. The connection of your Google Analytics account to Google Analytics gives an exciting user experience. There are three benefits to connecting Positionly to Google Analytics: Google Analytics account:
  1. You’ll be able to import keywords that you’re receiving traffic.
  2. It is possible to see the amount of traffic coming from every keyword you typed into the graphs.
  3. You’ll be able to track your referral and paid traffic on a single chart!

Competitive Analysis

Positively lets you evaluate your position in comparison to your competition for a specific keyword. The analysis will provide insight into how your website overall is performing when compared to other websites attempting to be ranked on Google for these keywords. There are two methods to add your competitors to monitor;
  1. Positionly will instantly search and create competitors based on the keywords you provide.
  2. You can add additional competitors using the competitor’s Tab on the Webpages Menu.

Improvements to Autocorrect and Dictation Deliver More Intelligent Input

Autocorrect is updated, featuring a transformer-language model, a cutting-edge machine-learning language model that allows word prediction – improving the user experience and accuracy of users whenever they enter. The software also gets a new design that is more suited to typing, and sentence-level autocorrections will solve a range of grammatical errors. Users will now receive prescriptive text suggestions inline while they type. This means that adding whole sentences or words can be as simple as tapping on the space bar, which makes the process of entering text faster than it has ever been. Dictation is based on a brand new speech recognition algorithm to make it more precise.