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Superb Cyber Monday Deal 2015 is out!


Let’s start a super exciting weekend full of exclusive discounts, stunning offers, and jaw-dropping deals! It’s high time to launch our Cyber Monday Ultimate Deal and reveal its rules! So, here it is!

There are two deals we’re offering. The first is for all of our new customers, and the second is for our monthly and bi-annual subscribers. (That’s right, we haven’t forgotten about you either.)

Superb Cyber Monday Deal – NEW Users

We have a very special discount for any standard annual plan, which is:a

20% off forever & an extra 30% off for the first year!a GET THE NEW USERS DEAL aYou are literally getting over five months for free in the first year! What is more, if you stay with us longer, you will get 20% off each following year! How awesome is that?!?

Superb Cyber Monday Deal – Current Subscribers*

*The offer is valid for users on monthly and six months plans. We’re giving you a unique opportunity to upgrade your monthly subscription to any standard annual plan with the discount of: 20% off forever & an extra 10% off for the first year! GET THE SUBSCRIBERS DEAL

Now is the time to take advantage of this exceptional occasion to get almost four months for free! In addition, if you decide to stay with Positionly longer, you will get 20% off every following year! Isn’t that cool!?

Yeah! Positionly truly loves Cyber Monday!?

So what are you waiting for? Time flies, and the clock is ticking … choose your annual plan before Cyber Monday is over!

PS: If you have any questions concerning our Cyber Monday offer, feel free to get in touch with Customer Support at support@positionly.com. We will be happy to help you out!

These are the best deals of 2015. See our blog to find the best bargains of 2016. This week, the annual discount mania will return this time with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The majority of retailers use it nowadays to offer discounts to their customers. However, only a handful of people realize that there is also a chance to profit from huge discounts on their own. Not just for presents to place under the Christmas tree; instead, it’s to help them manage their business. Join the fun and take a look at this year’s top deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for companies. Take note of the fact that some offers are currently in effect, while others will be active within the following days or on Cyber Monday, the day of the event. Keep this page in mind and revisit it if they are of interest to you. Please let us know if we did not include one, and we’ll add it to the list.

Userlike, 50% Discount for 12 Months

  • Active: Now
  • It will run until the 10th of December.
  • How to obtain: Use the coupon code Cyb3rm0nd4y2015on your upgrade webpage following the sign-up
Userlike software allows you to allow chats with users on your site. By putting a welcoming Chat Window on your website, you are able to assist during times when it is crucial. Email isn’t fast enough; phone calls are too difficult, and both make it difficult for your website users to leave your site. The live chat channel is the primary communication method for eCommerce. With our offer, you can change from free Team to 50 percent off one year.

Sniply, 50% Discount for 6 Months

  • Active: Now
  • It is valid until the 1st of January, 2016.
  • How to claim it on this web page by using the coupon just located on the right of the pricing plans.
Sniply is an effective marketing tool that lets you create your overlay and hyperlink to any article you post. This means that you could post a relevant piece such as The Washington Post, and when you share your content, the link to your profile is included in the post. Their Cyber Monday offer includes half off top products for six months.

crazy egg, 90 Days for Free

  • Active: Now
  • It is valid until the1st of December
  • How to obtain: Sign up at this page
crazyeggis is an extremely powerful and accessible analytics platform that offers insights into the behavior of visitors to your website, and specifically the reasons why they leave. Contrary to other tools, such as Google Analytics, it does this in a visually appealing manner, making it simple to follow up and understand. For Cyber Monday, they are offering new users for 90 days at no cost.

Positionly, 30% Discount First Year & 20% Discount for Life

  • Active:27th of November (Black Friday)
  • It will be available until November (Cyber Monday)
  • How to sign up: Sign up at site between 27 between November 27 and 30,
Positionly is an amazing SEO tool we use for ourselves. It lets you monitor the search engine ranking of your website and backlinks. What’s more exciting is that you are able to analyze these data points against the metrics of your competition and receive suggestions on areas that you could make improvements on. In the event that you join their newsletter between the 27th and the 30th of November, you’ll get 20% off for the duration of your membership and an additional 30% discount for the first year.

LemonStand, 50% Discount for 6 Months

  • Active:30th of November (Cyber Monday)
  • Lasts until15th of December
  • How to obtain: Use coupon cybermon2015
LemonStandis is an online platform that aids rapidly growing companies as well as the web agencies they collaborate with to design beautiful eCommerce websites that are distinctive from the rest. LemonStand is a cloud-based application that combines the simplicity and low cost of cloud computing with the ability and flexibility to personalize the entire user experience. This typically only happens through open-source or enterprise-grade platforms. Through this Cyber Monday coupon, you’ll receive a 50% discount on the first six months.