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The New Positionly – More Beautiful and Better Than Ever – Blog


We are very excited to announce the big news! After gathering feedback from you and hours of brainstorming, research, and analysis, we are proud to present you with the new version of Positionly. More beautiful. More simple. Better than ever before.

State-of-art Design


We are obsessed with the design. By creating Positionly, we wanted to provide our users with not only a functional tool but software that could be really enjoyable to work with. We combined beautiful design with simplicity. As a result, we achieved a great improvement in terms of usability and user experience.

The new software’s look gives a more intuitive and user-friendly flow around the application to make your work smoother and faster.

Clear and Beautiful Charts


We think that SEO is complicated enough, so the tools you use shouldn’t be. We wanted to make our software even more simple and make tracking SEO understandable even for users who are not familiar with its mechanisms. We redesigned the interface to provide you with a clear view of your campaign’s progress. Your data is now presented on beautiful charts. Tracking your rankings and analyzing competitors has never been simpler before.

Adjusted for the New Great Features


The new design makes better usage of the space and is set and ready for the upcoming new great features. Follow us and stay tuned. It’s worth waiting – we promise! If you like the new design, share your thoughts with us below!

If you have read my blog posts about the State of Digital, you will have noticed that in the past couple of months, I’ve focused my efforts on examining some of the many tools online. Whatever the purpose, whether it’s optimization of conversion rates as well as competitive intelligence, leads generation, or the more sophisticated SEO software tools, are crucial for a lot of us. They aid us in working more effectively and help everyone else in their digital marketing strategies. It’s not uncommon to observe our colleagues sacrificing a portion of their budgets to ensure that the company’s webmeup review is taking certain areas (in regards to monitoring and monitoring). In this blog post, I’ll look at Positionly, a fresh SEO software developed by their Polish-based team. Positionly has seen positive results, securing $300,000 in angel funding from VC Point Nine Capital in 2012. However, their product isn’t unique and operates in an extremely competitive market. They have TD Bank, ESPN, and TUI as their clients, which means you’re in a bad spot. Without further delay, let’s get started…

Setup & Dashboard

The process of setting up Positionly is easy. Initial impressions reveal an appealing and well-designed interface. Integrating the services of Google Analytics pulls through traffic and visit statistics, letting you view your monthly visits as well the daily trends for your keywords on Positionly. Importing your keywords is simple: adding them on a per-word basis or through a CSV-based import to facilitate large-scale operations.