Benefits Of Guest Posting On Your Blog

Letting other people provide content for your blog is a double-edged sword – you might end up losing more than you are winning. On one hand, you are giving them more exposure and they are thankful for that (and you feel like a decent human being for helping out a fellow blogger in need). In return, they are providing content you can post so you can spend more time working on your own projects without keeping your readers waiting. You are also showing different perspectives and introducing some more variety to your blog. However, this can easily backfire if you don’t have a good quality control. Since I’ve seen many bad guest posts in my day, as well as people asking me to post their copied content, I have decided to write this article in order to tell you about the benefits of guest posting on your blog, and how not to let bad content ruin it.

Quality control

I’ve already mentioned the part about quality control. I am going to talk about it again in an attempt to emphasize it even more. Believe it or not, not all bloggers are good. I know, it’s a difficult concept to grasp especially when you’re used to writing everything yourself, double-checking it, proof reading it and doing everything you can in order to make sure that what you are producing is quality content. Not all bloggers are like that. Some just want the coverage without even thinking about what a bad post might do to your reader’s base. Some even copy/paste things from the Internet and pass the work as their own (with a level of impertinence it’s almost hard to believe exists). Even if they mean well, some bloggers are just not good. There are even those who don’t have a good command of the English language but still want you to post their content.

For those reasons alone, you should carefully check every post. Look for grammatical and spelling errors, phrasing and overall writing style. If you like how an article or a post sounds, and it’s not filled with errors, you can then post it because, odds are, your readers will like it, as well. Of course, sometimes there are minor errors the writer might have missed when proof reading (when you read your own work, you know what you meant to say and are sometimes blind to your mistakes) so if it’s not something huge, you can correct them and post it.

Also, it’s a good idea to check the content with CopyScape in order to make sure that it’s not copied.


You’ve done all of the above and now you’re ready to introduce your readers to this new writer. Updating your blog regularly with guest posts will give you more time to work on your own posts without thinking about the fact that you haven’t published anything in four days. This way you will be able to tackle many more interesting complicated subjects without leaving your readers wanting. An important thing to take into account is the fact that you shouldn’t post guest posts more than your own content (unless, you know, that’s what you want to do). After all, this is your blog and people are reading because of you. You can upload a guest post here and there but you shouldn’t forget working on your own. You don’t want your readers thinking you don’t care about your blog anymore and that you’re using other people’s work because you’re lazy. If you’ve done everything correctly, you can collect start collecting the benefits right away – giving and probably receiving more coverage, improving the quality of your content and reducing stress. It’s pretty neat if you manage to pull it off.

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging, also known as guest posting is an strategy for content marketing and SEO strategy by where individuals write articles on other websites to advertise their brands and business. Typically guest bloggers compose blog posts and websites that are associated with their field and are able to reach an audience that is larger. The content created will assist bloggers who are guest on the blog in a variety of ways:
  • Brands can be introduced to more relevant and appropriate audiences
  • Bring traffic back to their websites
  • Enhance domain authority
  • Develop relationships with your peers in the industry
  • Increase brand recognition and credibility
As as a type of influencer bloggers are experienced of posting quality blog posts to communicate with their the followers. When they publish content on their websites they could draw new readers to their web journals, while also helping the owners of websites improve their visibility and rank higher on search engines. This is an effective strategy for both parties. The author will not receive any money from the site because it is a guest post that is not sponsored that requires you to pay. Google uses links as its most important factor in determining the ranking of websites. Because guest posting offers an opportunity to gain backlinks from other websites Your search engine optimization and other strategies for marketing including the influencer marketing will be positively affected. All in all, guest blogging is beneficial for as well the blogger as well as the website that hosts the guest post. Thus, including articles from guests on your website generally at the bottom of an article this is known as”the Author Box, is worth contemplating when you are beginning your guest posting collaboration. The next step is to discuss the benefits of guest blogging as well as some examples that have proven successful to provide you with complete understanding of the ways this kind of marketing campaign involving influencers will benefit your business.

10 Guest Blogging Benefits

    1. Expand the reach
    2. Build credibility and establish credibility online
    3. Create a fresh strategy for content
    4. Improve the ranking of your site on search engines.
    5. Increase traffic and improve increase SEO
    6. Drive sales
    7. Drive more qualified leads
    8. Help with social media marketing plans
    9. Win-win partnership with bloggers in the field
    10. Develop writing and other marketing abilities

Guest Blogging Increases Reach

Based on the data from FirstSiteGuide In 2020, the following trends are:
  • Over 600 million blog posts are accessible on the Internet
  • 77% of readers go online to read blogs every day
  • 61% of internet customers in US have paid after reading the contents of a blog
As per Statista Research Department Statista Research Department the Statista Research Department reported that the number of bloggers was 27.4 million blogging in the US in 2014. The projection from 2016 indicated that there will rise by 14 percent in the number of bloggers, meaning the number will rise to 31.7 million bloggers by 2020. As you will see from the above, competition on the blog market is extensive with millions of blogs are easily accessible across the Internet every day. With well-known bloggers creating content for your site You will be able to gain more customers and increase brand recognition within their respective niches. Guest blogging can be a win-win situation where both parties receive backlinks from one another. In turn, through guest posting you’ll be connected with the top bloggers in the business. Because bloggers and influencers enjoy an intense connection to their followers, people are likely to start paying attention to your brand when they see your brand’s name being mentioned in every blog post. For instance, one of the most well-known media companies is O’Reilly Media, started an online blog that showcases the latest network technology called O’Reilly’s Radar. Meanwhile, O’Reilly Media’s reporters, such as Alexander Howard – a government journalist, regularly guest accounts on top websites like ReadWriteWeb, Huffington Post, and many more. Based on the experiences of big brands that have many online followers the idea of having all their content on their websites isn’t a good idea. Whatever the benefits of the continual flow of content can be to others “outside” publications, your brand will get a lot of attention through regular guest posts on well-known websites.