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Eight Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords

Taken individually, long tail keywords are nothing special. Generally consisting of between three and five words, most clock in at less than a hundred searches per month. As a result, many website owners ignore them. The beauty of long tail keywords however is that they tend to be incredibly easy to rank for. And while… Read more »

Tutorial On Robots.Txt

What is Robot.txt? Robot Exclusion Standard or Robot Exclusion Protocol provides information to search engine spiders on the directories that have to be skipped or disallowed in your website. Robots.txt protocol is as important as site structure, site content, search engine friendliness and Meta descriptions.

Improve your mobile SEO today!

Doing business in a mobile world Mobile business isn’t something that is becoming more important. That’s like saying that a storm is coming when it’s already started to rain. Mobile is that storm, and it’s already here. How design affects mobile SEO You might not be worried too much about your website’s design when it… Read more »