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Simplified position changes on Dashboard

This might come as a surprise to some of our users but we’ve decided to simplify the position indicator bar or our Dashboard. 

The reasoning behind this is pretty straightforward, the only two numbers people really need are ups and downs. With the “unchanged” bar gone, it’s really simple to notice if things are going well or not, you don’t even need to look at the numbers.

A method of influencing the position or visibility of a website in an engine’s organic or natural results is known”Search Optimization (SEO). Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization requires a thorough understanding of the way that a search engine functions and what keywords are being used by users and what is the most searched-for search engine with the population that is targeted. SEO does not just involve editing of website’s content but also the editing of the code in order to boost the traffic to a site by including specific keywords as well as barriers to indexing taken out.

Today you must understand that SEO Optimization is a daunting task until you’re an expert on SEO. Once you have a laid out strategy to attract numerous visitors come to your site you’ll have to analyze the how well your keywords perform on your site with competitors. Not only that, you’ll need to understand the way search engines crawl pages via crawlers, bots or spiders. You should also be able to provide an accurate evaluation about the efficiency of your website and the areas you have to make improvements.

This might sound too big and overwhelming, and you’re probably contemplating employing experts ….

This is an application that can be used to perform all SEO related tasks that may seem more like magic. You can increase your site’s rankings without a hassle with this app dubbed the Positionly.

The tool called Positionly to monitor your website’s performance. It has a user-friendly dashboard that shows statistics for your website keywords, their position and density, performance of your website graphs, and much more. Changes in position related to keywords are easily tracked on your website’s content. 

It lets users group or cluster together various keywords in order to facilitate the monitoring of keywords that are similar to each other with high density. This program delve deep into the most popular search engines and monitors any changes in techniques used by search engines quickly. It’s true that you do not have to be a specialist about SEO! The positionly system does everything.

Positionly can be integrated with Positionly can be used in conjunction with a Google Analytics account to create an action plan or strategy to improve the SEO for your site. It’s extremely scalable, which is that it can be used by one person to monitor one website, but it is also used by large corporations to monitor the performances of several websites. Positionly requires a lot of time and effort at first to display results. You may not see the top spot within a day, but it will certainly improve the performance of your website and will help improve your site, eventually leading to the #1 spot, however as mentioned earlier, it will require that you put in some effort, but not as much, to accomplish all the complicated tasks completed by Positionly.

Positionly does not just simplify the SEO process, but it makes it more interesting and enjoyable. One is enthralled by the entire Positionly experience. After you have entered your web address and connect the Google Analytics account with Positionly it will track the top 50 keywords and provide the links for all websites that are backlinking to your site. it can help you keep track of every change in your position in any search engine by with the in-depth statistical analysis.

Once we have a clear understanding of the different ranking of keywords, we can put them up in a more rational way with respect the results of Google Analytics so that we are able to focus on the keywords that have the potential to attract more visitors to our website in the initial page on Google results.
Sounds like magic! Right?

You can sign up for this amazing service by using the accounts of your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. After signing up, you’ll must add your domain’s name as mentioned above. Positionly will find your website’s information, including the title header, footer, etc. Videos and maps are part of the information that you get via Positionly.
You’ll now be able to add the preferred search engines such as Google, Yahoo and more. The benefit of the use of Positionly is the fact that it has the search engine that is specific to locations. versions. Other search engines like Google Australia, India, Japan, UK and even Bing is also a possibility to integrate. The ability to connect with a variety of different search engines make it a a effective tool.

It takes about one or two days to look over the keywords, after which a list of all your competitors will pop up. There will also be an overview of your performance in comparison to theirs. You may also add URL’s by yourself, but the results will not appear immediately and you’ll need to wait. Comprehensive reports and simple reports are able to be created by analyzing competitions and line charts could be constructed from this data. 
Links and Traffic reports are also offered, which do not provide comparisons. Reports can be produced either in CSV or PDF format by pressing the generate report button. You can also export it to PDF or CSV.

You can establish your own Positionly account using your iPhone or receive notifications on your laptop, tablet or mobile device by using RSS feeds. It could also be used as a part of Google Analytics new alert system that can help you tremendously and speed up search engine optimization.