Worldwide SEO Market Analysis 2012-2013 Infographic


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After the post-Panda & Penguin updates, SEO in 2012 is becoming complicated as it’s not an easy task for children. The landscape is rapidly evolving day by day, and a real understanding or creative strategies are required to achieve greater positions in Search. Like branding, SEO requires time and patience to develop. The old days are gone, and it’s time to get back to the basics!! Humanized Ranking Search engines will be looking increasingly at humans for ranking both in the immediate as well as the long term, which means social media and more human-based Relevance quality testers. Google has already begun using these factors to provide more real-time” search results, which is the short-term component to a certain extent. So, expect to see sites with long-term durability on social networks get higher rankings and reciprocal websites. Links matter less. Quality and not Quantity
Search engines are all acknowledged to, at one point, make use of the number of pages in order to determine if the quality of the content is excellent. However, most do not know, but in the case of Google Panda 2, even more emphasis is placed on the freshness and quality of the content. This ties in with the point one, which is that social longevity is crucial, which implies that the content must be decent. Voice Search The way we search is undergoing faster changes.  Instead of using the internet, people are seeking direct answers to search queries. Search engines are able to expand in its early stages.

Mobile Search

Whether it’s by using your phone to talk through social networks, talking to your phone, or putting a search on your phone, in 2012, you can anticipate massive growth in the market for mobile searches. The digital marketing market is no longer only accessible to people who own an iPad or computer … Mobile search will be around for a while, and it will soon become the most popular media for searching.SEO Patterns 1. Social media is likely to be a bigger part of Google’s algorithm 2. The results page for search will continue to display less organic results and more paid 3. Paid search will become increasingly important in helping SEO efforts 4. Spammy SEO practices will be targeted more 5. SEO will be more competitive than it has ever been CRO will soon be the Buzzword In 2012, conversions will become more crucial than the volume of traffic. If traffic quality is top-quality, then conversion is the highest. The trend is the same with qualified traffic and quality over the quantity of traffic.

Social Media

2012 will experience a new shift, although in the same direction. In 2012, SEOs will be increasingly SMOs (social media optimizers) with a wider emphasis not only on the elements on the page that are part of SEO but also on off-site marketing that has social integration as the primary focus.Personalized Search With Google now being the key to a powerful social network, you can anticipate more hidden changes in the rankings as well as more personalized search results and search results, making the job for the “old style seo” much more difficult.

Link Building Techniques

It’s no secret that Google utilizes links to determine the quality of web pages. When a page is found to have hyperlinks from other sites, Google’s algorithm, which is the program it employs to rank webpages and decide which is at the top of the search results. This increases the importance of a website.Rich Snippet With a small, recent change. Google is making it simple to locate your author’s image in results for searches. 2012 is the year that this completely takes off. It could be a disadvantage to publish without author information that is not included in the Google results.

SEO Trending Data

  • Google is the most popular market for search engines by a wide margin, with 86.2 percent of the market, in comparison to Bing at 7.2 percent and Yahoo! at 2.3 percent
  • 64 percent of SEO marketers agree that mobile optimization is a good investment
  • Nearly 1 out of 4 businesses put money into mobile optimization as an SEO technique
  • Sixty-eight percent of blog owners employ SEO to bring readers to their blogs
  • 72% of marketers on the internet consider their number one SEO tactic to be the creation of content
  • The most popular SEO tool used by advertisers is Google Analytics