Social Media Monitoring: Improve Your Social Media Strategy with Social Media Monitoring Tools

The evolution and advancement of the internet have come with some very good opportunities for businesses. Especially in the marketing of products and services. Businesses now enjoy the internet platform in advertising and marketing all over the world through various platforms available on the internet. Even though businesses have these opportunities, it is important to understand that one won’t enjoy this opportunity if you don’t have a strategy to move with. Social media marketing is becoming more popular among researchers and other practitioners. With built-in data analytics tools, the companies and businesses can track the success, progress and also the engagement of their campaigns.

Strategic Governance and Data Management

However, social media marketing on a strategic level includes governance and management of the marketing campaigns. So, as said earlier, you cannot enjoy the full advantages of the social media marketing without formulating a strategy. This strategy should be a summary of each and everything you plan on doing and hope to achieve in the social media. The strategy serves as your guide to make sure that you know the direction you are moving towards, whether you are succeeding or failing in your marketing efforts. Having a specific and detailed strategy will be more effective than having a broad, lofty strategy, which will limit your chances to reach your target.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Before we proceed further to the steps to create a social media marketing strategy, lets us first look at the social media monitoring tools like Unamo Social Media Monitoring. The social media monitoring tools enable one to extract information from various social media sites to determine the popularity of a brand or business. In other words, this is the best way to caliber the success of the social media marketing strategy.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Create a social media marketing goal that is aligned with the business objective. Set your objectives clear and precise of what you want to achieve, because if you don’t do that, then you will not have any way to measure your success or failure. Remember that the goals you set have to be specific, time-bound, relevant, measurable and also attainable. Track meaningful metrics; you have to know that while vanity metrics like retweets, likes and others can be good, they won’t be helpful for the business. Instead, you should be focused on lead generation, conversion rate, and web referrals. Learn as many things as you can about your audience. Knowing your audience and what they like, what they would like to see will enable you to create content that they end up liking, commenting and even sharing. This will also increase the conversion rate and will transform your followers into customers of your business or service. We know this sounds hectic, but if you don’t have time for this, some of the agencies like Traffic Radius can help you go about this process and reach your social media marketing goals. Next, it is important that while gathering this kind of data does not make assumptions get the real world data, or your marketing strategy won’t be a success. Here is where social media monitoring will come to your aid. You can use social media analytics to learn more about your followers, who they are, what language they speak, where they reside and moreover how they interact with your business brand. This information will guide you to refine your marketing strategies and assure better performance for your set objectives. Make thorough research of your competition.

Competitor Analysis

With the rapid revolution of the internet, we have today, chances are a large percent of your competitors are already on the internet. In this case, you have to conduct what we so call competitive analysis. This will help you know more about your competitors, what they are good at and their weaknesses too which will enable you to continue shaping your strategies for success. Competitive analysis will also enable you to spot the opportunities of where to put more strength in order to beat your competitors. For instance, your competitor maybe very good on Facebook but bad on Twitter, then you will know where to focus your efforts. Always remember to put more energy and focus where the audience is underserved.

Social Media Auditing

Conduct social media auditing; the way you do this if you have already used social media monitoring tools, you should sit back and answer these questions.
  • Is everything employed working? If not then what’s working and what’s not
  • What kind of audience is connecting with you on social media
  • Where across the social media platforms are your target market found
  • How does the social media presence of your competitors compare to yours
If you sit back and answer these questions, you will have a good starting point to reshuffle your strategies to make sure they meet your target audience. You will also know where to allocate your resources and how to beat your competition. The audit will also enable you to wisely select the platform to market your brand. Before picking up any platform you know if your audience is in that particular site, and if they are, how are they using the site? You have to know that before targeting that platform. You should also find out the imposter accounts, those accounts using your business brand name. These accounts can be very harmful to your business. Hence, you have to report them as soon as you find them. Create accounts and if you already have then improved the profiles. You should understand that every platform has a different kind of strategy to succeed in reaching your goals. You can decide which platform suits tutorials for your customers and which one is for customer service, based on the kind of business you run and your audience. Keep in mind that when filling out your profile details, remember to use keywords that your customers will use when searching for your business. This will make it easier for your customers to reach you, as well as other audience interested in what your business offers. Do not let the process overwhelm you. Today, there are many agencies that offer this kind of services and can handle everything about social media marketing.

Get Inspired

Well, in no way this means to copy what others are doing, but you should look for businesses doing well on the social media platforms. This will inspire you and give you the motivation to champion your strategies and become more like them. It will also show you the possibilities of achievement one can have if one formulates good marketing strategies on social media and hit the goals set. You can also visit places like Facebook business success stories to learn how others made it all the way up. You can design a social media content calendar. The best way to engage with your customers is by creating quality and relevant content. This will enable them to read and share their view on your contents. This engagement is what will benefit your strategies, not only that but by engaging with your customers, you increase the conversion rate. Note that, you should not only post a leave but also make sure you answer reply to the comments of your followers. This is what we mean by engagement. In your posting calendar, you should also plan on what to share and when to share. This will also include the pictures to post and videos to share. Not only will that help in planning what to post, but will also help the spacing between multiple posts. In your calendar, you should also know what is the best time to post your content, the time when your followers are active. Also, 80% of your content should be based on educating your clients and only  20% should be for promotion. Try this rule; it’s known as the social media rule of thirds:
  • One-third of your social media content should focus on promoting your brand, convert followers and profit generation
  • One-third of your social media content should have ideas and success stories from different like-minded people and other businesses
  • One-third of your social media content should look for interactive purposes with your audience
You can try this rule and see how things will work out for your business or brand. But you should keep in mind that do not base your social media content only on promoting your business. This is because most people will need to know you better before they become your customers. Test your strategy, evaluate then adjust it to fit your goals. Do not assume that you will get it right at the first attempt, implement your strategy then keep track of your results. If you do this, you will find that some plans didn’t work as you anticipated, while others are doing better than you assumed.

Measure Your Success with Social Media Monitoring Tools

Use the social media monitoring tools to see the movement of your social visitors to your website. You will also find out which kind of posts drive more traffic to your site, which will enable you to understand the kind of posts your audience prefers. The process of evaluating your strategy is not a one-time thing; rather it’s a routine. Re-evaluate, then test and do it all again; this one is a continuous process. Once you do this make use of the gathered information to test different contents, marketing strategies and campaigns. This will enable you to find out what works and what doesn’t work. Another way to find out what works in your strategies is to conduct surveys. Ask your e-mail list, your social media followers, and the website visitors if their queries are being addressed in your social media accounts as you assumed. Make sure that you use their replies to reform your strategies to suit their needs. Note that in social media networks things change fast, new networks emerge while others undergo significant demographic changes. This means that you should frequently go through your strategies and adjust when necessary. This will also enable you to analyze yourself if you are still on track or out of track. After looking at the tips on how to create a social media marketing strategy, now lets briefly pass through the social media monitoring tools. This will enlighten you on creating the social media marketing strategy with social media monitoring tools.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

It’s vital to understand the necessary tools provided by each social media platform to increase the possibility of reaching your potential customers. Not only that but also to increase the conversion rate of followers to customers.
  • Google Alerts – This tool can be used to monitor brand mentioned on the internet.
You will get notified directly to your email and this service will become your ears in hearing what people say about your brand. The problem is that the tool does not work for all of the social media platforms.
  • Twitter Advanced Search – This tool will enable you to know all the tweets that are talking about your brand or business.
But you can also decide to used a social media management company because it saves you a great deal of time and will ensure you get professional service.
  • Facebook Search – This is another tool for monitoring your brand or business, specifically on Facebook.
It will enable you to know any mention of your brand on the site. Although the problem is that it won’t be able to deliver everything especially from private accounts.
  • Unamo Social Media Monitoring – This tool allows you to track all social media interactions related to your brand, product, or topic of interest.
By analyzing and drawing conclusions from the data, you can make your marketing strategy more successful. This tool will help you do more than protect your brand’s reputation and help you to promote your content to the right audience, conduct competitor research, and acquire new clients.

What to Consider Before Leveraging Social Media Monitoring Tools?

Things to consider before employing social media monitoring tools include the following:
  • Formulate a plan for your social media monitoring.
Nothing can begin without a specific plan. You should know why you want to monitor if you don’t then you don’t even have to begin doing it.
  • Set goals you want to achieve with social media monitoring.
This should be the main reason you are monitoring, it can be about servicing your customers, it can be about creating a good reputation or awareness, it can also be about creating the social presence of your brand.
  • Select a social media monitoring tool that will suit both your needs as well as your budget.
The goal of every business is always to minimize costs and maximize profit. This differs from business to business based on the level of the business, as well as their target. But if you are still not sure of which management tool to employ to reach your set objective, then just visit traffic radius to get a proper solution for your social media monitoring tools.
  • Start with the free trials before actually paying for the tools.
The social media monitoring tools do differ in the way they function. This is the reason you should sign up for free trials first to see if the tool meets your needs. If it does, then you can proceed further, but if it doesn’t then, you can keep trying more and more tools until you find that one which fits your needs.
  • Beware of your limits.
Most of the social media tools are not hard to manage at all, although some of them are a bit complicated. Choose the ones you can easily manage without any trouble, they will all appear to be a little challenging at first, but with time you will get used to them and easily manage them.
  • Select your keywords carefully.
For the tools to be efficient, make sure you select your keywords well. This will enable your social media monitoring tools to be effective at picking up the keywords and giving you the right information for you to work on. If you fail to do this, then the information gathered would be faulty.


These are a few important tips that you will have to consider before employing social media monitoring tools. Taking this information and that one above on how to create a social media marketing strategy then you will be able to formulate a great social media marketing strategy with social media monitoring tools.