Threads Statistics 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

Is the reign of Twitter under threat? Twitter has remained relatively unchallenged over the past ten years. No real competitors, such as Truth Social and Tribel Social, have been able to gain enough traction to drive serious users from Twitter. Meta and Mark Zuckerberg launched Threads on July 6, 2023. It is a direct rival (or a knock-off) to Twitter. The latest Threads statistics reveal that Threads dominated the iOS App Store across over 100 countries, with a record of 100 million users in the first week. It is the fastest-growing social media app ever!

Threads User Stats

Threads have taken off at a speed never seen before. In just seven hours, Threads had attracted over ten million users. In 24 hours, more than 30 million people had signed up.
  • Major Brands
  • Celebrities
  • Journalists
  • Other prominent figures
This is a breakdown of how fast people registered for Threads. You can see how fast Threads has grown by: ChatGPT reached 100 million users within two months TikTok has reached over 100 million users within nine months In two and half years, Instagram has come 100 million users Meta’s goal is to have Threads go 1 billion users. The growth of Threads suggests that it won’t be long. Only time will tell.

Threads User Demographics

Let’s find out who the users are… reports that 68% of the users are men and 32% are women. The majority of men (28%) belong to the 15-23 age group, while 11% and 5% are between 18-25 years. According to reports, only 2% of women and 3% of males aged 45 and over. Surprising? It’s not surprising when you know that the majority of traffic is coming from Instagram, Genz’s favorite social media platform. This is not surprising, as all of these countries are heavy users of social media. According to reports, 96% of Threads users are also active on Instagram.
  • WhatsApp: 80%
  • Facebook: 58%
  • Twitter: 56%

Threads of User Activity

When Threads was launched on the 6th of July, it had an impressive 41.79 million daily active users. By July 7, this number had risen to 49,3 million. By the 14th of July, however, the platform had experienced a dramatic drop, with daily users dropping to just 23,6 million. It was a 52% drop in a week. The situation worsened during August. Threads report a mere 10,3 million active users per day, a shocking 79% decline since its peak. The time spent by users on the app is also down significantly. On the 7th of July, users spent an average of 21 minutes a day on the app. Today, users spend an average of just 3 minutes per day on Threads. Twitter, on the other hand, boasts 200 million daily active users who pay an average of 31 minutes per day using the platform.

Threads vs Twitter (Zuckerberg vs Musk)

After a few minutes on Threads, you will realize that the platform is designed to rival Twitter. Twitter has accused Meta of stealing trade secrets when it hired former Twitter employees to work for the Threads application. Meta denies this claim, saying: “Nobody on the Threads Engineering team is a previous Twitter employee.” Twitter has threatened to sue Meta for the Threads application. Twitter seems to be annoyed and perhaps even worried. Alex Spiro, Elon Musk’s lawyer, sent a cease-and-desist letter to Zuckerberg yesterday, threatening to sue Meta for “systematic, unlawful and willful misappropriation” (of Twitter’s IP and trade secrets) as well as scraping Twitter’s data. Threads has attracted a majority of Instagram users to its new app. Threads is a new style of Twitter that’s less visual and more text-based for most users. It means two things:
  1. The market has grown in size.
  2. The majority of growth is NOT coming from Threads taking Twitter users.
Both Twitter and Threads are likely to survive. According to the latest Threads statistics, it appears that Threads may surpass Twitter in the future, both for total users and daily active users. Mark Zuckerberg, despite what you may think about him, is smart and has built and bought massive social media companies. It’s natural to assume that Threads will continue to grow. The new Threads platform will be judged by how much Instagram users engage with it and its style of content.

Threads: Shocking Data Collection

Consider Threads as a possible subscription. You should first know this. Threads have some serious privacy and data collection issues that you should be aware of. The Threads app IS NOT YET AVAILABLE in the European Union because of the complex data sharing between Instagram and Threads. Consider these key points: Threads collects data from users in 25 categories, which is greater than Twitter. What types of data do Threads collect and why? Imagine having all this information about one of your close friends. You would probably know them better than yourself! Threads collect biometric information, as well as sexual orientation and ethnicity. This data will likely be used for advertising on Threads. Meta already excels at displaying targeted ads. This data can also be linked to your Instagram account and even your Facebook profile. Meta can potentially target you across three major social media platforms, excluding WhatsApp and Messenger. Remember: Social media may seem free, but there are always costs involved. Many social media sites, including Threads collect location data. The other data levels they can access certainly push privacy boundaries.

What is Thread?

Meta, which owns Threads and other social media apps:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
Threads, designed by the same team that created Instagram, was launched on 6 July 2023. Why is that important? It’s not easy to launch a new social media website. Statistics on social media users show that there is fierce competition between sites for your attention. What Zuckerberg and his Instagram team did is clever. You can access Threads by using your Instagram account. In just a few clicks, your Threads profile will be launched. Sign-up is quick and easy. It is also one of the main reasons why it has been so popular. It is easy to use the platform. You can post up to 500 characters and include the following:
  • Link
  • Photos
  • Videos (up to 5 minutes in duration)
The Threads that you create will then be able to receive comments, likes, and reposts. It allows users to be creative and express their opinions. You will be comfortable switching from Twitter because the two platforms are similar. With just one click, users can follow all accounts on Threads they follow on Instagram. The transition is seamless, as all major Instagram accounts will have the same number of followers. Threads has its algorithm for recommending accounts that will show you versions you may be interested in. There is something you should be aware of. It is not easy to leave Threads. By deleting your Instagram account, you can only delete the Threads profile. Are you sure that no one will do it? It’s not made clear at all when you sign up for Threads. Consider this before creating a Threads Account. Meta released Threads in Canada on the iOS App Store before it was made available in more than 100 countries around the world. This app is the most downloaded in Apple’s App Store. Ironically, it is also a trending topic on Twitter.

Wrapping it Up

Threads’ latestThreads’ics show how quickly the app has grown. Threads is a social media giant. The big question is… Threads is still in its early stages. The success of the social media app will depend heavily on how many users adopt it. Meta has been able to prove that they can deliver for many years.