Twitter User Statistics 2023: What Happened After “x” Rebranding?

Twitter is still popular in 2023. It was not until July 24, 2023, that it became “X.” Twitter was one of the most popular platforms on social media in 2022. Although some users were not happy with this takeover, they decided to leave. Twitter has lost 32 million users but will still be generating $4.4 billion by 2022. What you need to understand about Twitter following the X rebranding.

Twitter Statistics 2023: Top Picks

This section gives a quick overview of Twitter’s key statistics. Twitter is expected to have 652,23 million monthly active users by 2028, which is 528.3 million in 2023. Twitter has 237,8 million daily active users who are monetizable (mDAU). Twitter’s revenue by 2022 is expected to be $4.4 billion. The United States is the leader, with 95.4 million Twitter users. Of these, 41.5 million are monetizable users who spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Twitter. Twitter’s largest demographic (38,5%) is between 25 and 34 years old. Twitter is valued at $41.09 Billion in 2023. Twitter is the 14th most popular platform on social media worldwide. Twitter users are made up of 56.4% men and 43.6% women. Elon Musk is the most followed Twitter/X user, with 156.8 million followers.

Twitter has rebranded as “X.”

After Elon Musk was acquired, Twitter rebranded to “X” on July 24, 2023. The rebranding represents Musk’s vision of Twitter as an all-encompassing social media app with a variety of features.

Who are the Twitter users?

Twitter is a platform with a very niche user base. Twitter’s functionality attracts certain demographics and users. This is the breakdown of an average Twitter user.

Twitter Users by Gender

Twitter users are largely divided by gender. Twitter is a platform dominated by men, with 68.1% of users being male. Only 31.9% are female Twitter users. Instagram and LinkedIn, for example, have a more gender-equal user base. In contrast, 51.6% of Instagram users are men. There is now a greater balance between women and men.

Twitter Users by Age

Young people mainly use Twitter. Twitter’s user base has grown despite platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat being the most popular among people aged under 18. They have a platform that is unique and attracts certain age categories. The following is a breakdown of users by age group: This means that 59.2% are Twitter users between the ages of 25 and 49. Twitter is also popular among users aged 18-24. Twitter is targeting young adults in order to keep them on the platform as they age. Twitter’s statistics so far suggest that it is working well.

Twitter Users by Country

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has been a target for the US. US users still dominate the market with over 80 million. Twitter has managed to penetrate international communities with some surprising countries. The following is a breakdown of Twitter users by country. The international community is the main source of growth for Twitter. Twitter was the most popular social network in Japan last year, with 64.1% of the population using it. This number is expected to rise to 68.4% in 2023. India has also been a major Twitter user, with 23.6 million users. India is an excellent option for Twitter because of its size. In India, Twitter has been boosted by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who uses the platform to share news and updates regarding the country regularly regularly. He currently has the 8th largest number of followers on Twitter. Twitter’s fastest-growing region is Asia Pacific. The number of users has grown from 97.8 million in 2018 to 114.9 million in 2021. By the end of 2023, it is expected that Asia Pacific’s total Twitter user base will reach 125,000,000. These statistics show that Twitter has a great deal of potential for growth! The platform has penetrated the global market and covered many different regions and continents. It is an impressive feat for a platform that is comparatively small, competing in the social media world.

How popular is Twitter?

Twitter is still popular despite the controversy surrounding its takeover. Twitter was gaining popularity for many years before the takeover brought it to the forefront.

In The World

Twitter was ranked the 14th most popular social media website in the world as of January 2023. Twitter has managed to move up one spot in a year. In 2022, it was ranked 15th on the list of most popular social networks worldwide. 16 The following are some examples of Pinterest’s 445 Million What does it really mean? To give you a little perspective, there are an estimated 4,48 billion users of social media worldwide. Twitter’s total market share is about 8.85%. Amazingly, a social network has existed since 2006.

In the US

What about the United States of America? With 79,6 million Twitter users, the US is home to the largest number. About 16.7% of Twitter users are from the United States. But Twitter users are loyal to the platform and use it regularly in the United States:
  • In the US, 96% of Twitter users use the forum at least once a month.
  • Twitter is used by 52% of US users daily.
Twitter statistics that demonstrate the loyalty of its users are shown below. Twitter also has 37 million daily active users who can be monetized in the US. “Monetizable Users” means that Twitter can show these users advertisements. Twitter’s global audience is 206,000,000 daily active users. The US is responsible for 18% of ALL daily active users who are monetizable. Twitter has a limited time to display ads to these users. In 2021, the average US adult will spend only 6 minutes per day on Twitter. It is much less than the average adult who spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook.

Why do people use Twitter?

Twitter is used for many reasons. Twitter’s speed is one of its biggest benefits. Twitter is primarily used to share news and provide entertainment. People use Twitter to find out news as well as for fun. Twitter makes it easy to keep up with the latest news. One-third of Twitter users want to follow companies and brands. You can consistently grow your Twitter audience by producing great tweets. Just 14% of Twitter users use it to network professionally.

What are the most popular Twitter accounts?

It’s not easy to build a large Twitter following with over 368 million monthly active users. But that doesn’t make it impossible. The top 25 Twitter accounts are dominated by people, with only six accounts being brands or companies. In general, Twitter accounts that are based on a personal brand tend to perform better. However, this does not mean that business accounts aren’t doing well. It is not difficult to build a personal connection with your audience.

What is the value of Twitter?

Twitter’s value has changed dramatically over the past 15+ years. The value of social networks has increased as well.

Twitter Value Growth

Twitter’s value has increased significantly since its 2007 first funding round. It was only worth $220,000 at that time. In 2011, Twitter reached a valuation of $9.25 Billion. Twitter launched its IPO two years later in 2013, valuing itself at $14,2 billion. Twitter shares soared 73% over their initial offering price. Twitter’s market capitalization reached its highest value ever in February 2021. It was $61.31 billion. Since then, the stock price has fluctuated a lot. It dropped to $29.18 in May 2022. Twitter was sold at $44 billion in October 2022.

Twitter Revenue Growth

Twitter’s revenue comes from two main sources:
  • Advertisement
  • Data Licensing
89% and 11%, respectively, of the total revenue is attributed to advertising. Twitter’s revenue has grown every year, except for 2017, when it decreased by approximately $90 million. Twitter will make $4.4 billion by 2022. The decline was 11% year-on-year. Twitter critics point out that Twitter’s revenue isn’t as high as it could be with its number of users. Twitter’s revenue has grown consistently over the years despite its popularity. It’s not as good as Twitter and LinkedIn, and this has prevented marketers from incorporating it into their digital advertising strategy. Experts believe that Twitter’s revenues would increase significantly if it could create a more effective advertising platform. They have the data and users to make it happen!

Wrapping it Up

This concludes the Twitter usage statistics. Twitter is a solid platform with a growing user base. It looks like the growth is just beginning! Twitter is slowly gaining traction in international markets outside the US. The platform has also been tailored to appeal to younger users, which will allow for continued growth. I am a huge Twitter fan and am excited to watch the platform grow! I’m done. You’re the one I want to hear. What Twitter statistics surprised you most?