Case Studies

Foodpanda - Case Study

Positionly helps us keep track of an enormous amount of keywords and rankings with high accuracy for countries that most tools do not track. Davide PettenuzzoiSEO Manager at Foodpanda


The Foodpanda group is the leading online food delivery marketplace with a focus on emerging markets. It enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with an industry leading software and technology to generate additional demand.

For consumers, Foodpanda offers the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range from which they can choose their favourite meal via app or online with just a few clicks.

Founded in 2012, we operate in over 500 cities all over the world and partner with more than 38,000 restaurants. We do business in countries like India, Thailand, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh,
Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Arab Emirates.

The Need

Foodpanda is active in 21 countries - each with different search tactics and characteristics - and tracking so many keywords in such a segmented environment is a big challenge. We were looking for a tool that could give us immediate and updated insights about our presence in specific countries and cities so we could identify problems or patterns whenever possible.

A further challenge for us was that most tools do not offer accurate rankings in the specific countries where we are active. For platforms like in Hong Kong and in Taiwan, we have to consider that, unlike in most western countries, Yahoo is sharing a big portion of the searches with Google and therefore we need to track keywords in different search engines. A tool that could not only track in several countries but also for different search engines was exactly what we needed.

Also, we were looking for a tool that could not only provide us rankings according to a country or city, but a tool that could also show us desktop/mobile splits as well, given the extreme importance of mobile searches for our business. For some countries like Saudi Arabia, searches from mobile are significantly higher than those from desktop devices and therefore we need to be ready and have a clear overview of our mobile performance.


Our quest for detailed ranking changes and patterns has led to a very granular set up of our tracking. After great support and onboarding from the positionly team, and thanks to the intuitiveness of the tool, we were able to set up highly detailed tracking strategies and reports for all of our needs in a very short time.


Selecting the right tool for keyword tracking, reporting and optimizing can make life much easier for every online marketing manager. Since we started using positionly we have a better overview of all our countries and are able to act fast whenever an issue pops up.

We started using positionly exactly one year ago (October 2015) and we are extremely satisfied with all the functionalities of the tool. We are now able to save time for other important SEO tasks: Positionly has definitely helped optimizing the work for the optimizers! :-)