Positionly. SEO Software for Digital Marketing Agencies

Positionly. SEO Software made for Digital Marketing Agencies

How to Save Tons of Time
and Spoil your Clients

If you are running a digital marketing or SEO agency, making your clients happy can be very challenging. Dealing with a never-ending list of tasks, tight-deadlines, demanding clients, regular reports and of course - competitors, consumes a lot of time. On top of that you have to grow your business too. Fortunately, there are ways to automate the process, so you can focus on what’s really important - your client’s results and your company’s growth.

Digital Marketing and SEO agencies encounter different set of problems and they need different tools to run campaigns smoothly, effectively and in a scale. Positionly is used by hundreds of agencies worldwide and we spent hundreds of hours to create the software that will meet their needs. Check out how we can make your life a bit easier!

Easy Management

Hundreds of Clients

Manage your clients’ campaigns the right way. With Positionly, you can add and control all of your projects in one simple dashboard. The data you need is available in one place, so there’s no need of switching between several different applications or data sources.

Thousands of Keywords

Still using spreadsheets? They’re alright, but when the number of your keywords is increasing, so is the number of your problems. Thanks to intuitive keyword management, you will easily control even thousands of keywords and never lose a grip of what’s going on. Check your results in a big picture or go in-depth from keyword groups up to the specific phrases. And actually, if you’re really used to spreadsheets and would never, in a thousand years let them go, you can synchronize keywords between them and Positionly.

Large Teams

It doesn’t matter if you specialize in local SEO campaigns or if you manage large international teams on different markets. Provide your team members with an access to your account and run your campaigns in a scale.

Useful Time-savers

Fully-automated Reports

Stop spending Friday afternoons putting up together repeatable reports for your clients. Save your time and delight them with clean and automated ones instead. You can pick what kind of data you want to include. You can customize it, brand it with your logo, export in in various formats or set it up for regular delivery.

Access for Clients

If you’re working closely with your clients, you can eliminate reporting completely. Grant them an access to your account and let them check your progress on a daily basis. Different access levels will assure you that the right person sees the right kind of data.

Mobile App

Positionly is the only solution on the market that lets you check your results on the most popular mobile devices. You can choose between the iPhone and the Android app. Additionally, you can spoil your clients and give them mobile access as well - iPhone and Android apps available in the app stores.


White Label

Customize the application to match your company’s image and fully white label the whole platform. Pick a custom color for your Positionly, domain name and brand your reports with your logo.

Multiple Languages

Hello! Bonjour! Здравствуйте! Positionly is translated and available in 8 different languages and fully prepared to meet the local market needs.

“Positionly was the only tool where no one had to contact customer services. This shows how simple the steps in the tool are to follow.”
Mike Slaats Owner & Head of the SEM team − Qlickonline Read my full case study

How Positionly can help
you achieve growth?

Want to make your product found by your potential clients? Millions of people use search engines to find products and services like yours. Positionly is an ideal companion in the way to grow and expand your business.

01 User-friendly and Refreshingly Simple Tools

Enjoy using pro-level tools in a refreshingly simple and usable interface. Pick your keywords and track your rankings on a daily basis. Learn and understand how rankings affect your traffic growth and improve your exposure in search engines.

02 Visual Rankings Data

Check and analyze your results visually on simple and beautiful charts. Analyze your rankings for a whole account, a thematically grouped sets of keywords or for a specific phrase.

04 Analyze Competitors

Get valuable insights and stay ahead of your competitors. Discover and compare your results with other companies from your niche.

05 Exclusive discounts

Use Positionly and receive an exclusive discounts from the most popular apps on the web!

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