Positionly. The best way to track and improve your website’s rankings in search engines.

We give you simple, powerful seo tools that make tracking search engine rankings fast and easy. Monitor daily changes, measure keyword performance, and improve rankings with simplicity.

  • SEO Simplified

    Get pro-level SEO tracking tools in a refreshingly simple and usable interface.

  • Fast Results

    Track and improve your search engine rankings from day one, and consistently stay on top.

  • Take Action

    Know immediately when your techniques aren’t working and what you can do to improve.

  • Spend Time Wisely

    Cover all your SEO efforts within minutes and save tons of time.

Dashboard. All-in-one SEO management at a glance.

Your dashboard makes it incredibly easy to see how your sites are performing and understand how keyword changes affect rankings on a daily basis.

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Group your keywords

Keep keywords grouped by interest in order to view the general position changes for those groups of keywords.

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Keywords. Better keyword performance.

We make it easy to track, manage and identify the most optimal search phrases. Grouping, importing, testing, and comparing keywords are just a few things you can do with Positionly.


Keyword comparison

If you're not sure which keywords are best, quickly compare them and see how frequently they're used.

Google Analytics. All your data in one location.

View your Google Analytics data within Positionly and condense everything into a single report. No more back-and-forth.


Visits and Dailies

Integrating with Google Analytics lets you see your monthly visits and daily trends against your Positionly keywords.

Competitor Analysis. Keep an eye on your competitors.

Track your website and your competitors' website rankings. Analyze each keyword and group performance on the competitor graph. See it today. Plan for tomorrow.


Competitors suggestion

Let us help you choose the best competitors. You can also add your specific competitor manually.

Notifications. Never miss anything.

Get daily, weekly or monthly updates delivered straight to your inbox. Notifications will let you monitor your website's performance even without the need of logging into Positionly.

Reports. Easy
click-and-send reports.

Save time and effort with tools that generate nice-looking reports within seconds. Your report data can be customized, branded, automated for delivery, or exported for your own report formats.

History and Notes. Every action recorded.

Visualize how your changes affect positions. Hover over data points to see the history of keyword changes, user comments, and other important changes.

API. Build what you want.

Create your own extensions or embed Positionly into your platform with ease. You can find our full API documentation here.

Mobile. Your rankings, on the go.

Check your phone every minute?

Add the free Positionly mobile app to your list of bad habits. Available now in the Apple App Store and currently in development for Android devices.

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    Customize Positionly to match your brand, or white label everything and claim it as your own.


    Data Portability

    With our fully documented Open API and comprehensive export formats, we never hold your data hostage.


    Multiple Search Engines

    Cover optimization efforts for the most popular search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. Manage your SEO in any region, from a single platform.