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Competitors Report


We would like to present you an update to our Competitor Tracking feature. From now on you will be able to generate collate reports which will include your competitors’ performance in search engines along with yours. You can generate simple or detailed reports.

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Improved Backlinks Checker

backlinks checking improved

Today we introduced a major update to our backlinks checking feature. We have started partnership with Ahrefs to bring you the most reliable and up-to-date insights into the backlinks that your website receives. From now on, you will be able to check not only how many backlinks you have, but also evaluate their quality. You […]

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Black Hat SEO: Techniques to Avoid

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, there are a wide variety of techniques out there that people and companies use. While there is a safe way of doing things in SEO, there also is a risky way, which is forbidden by Google.

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Search Engine Rankings and SEO – A Complete Guide

Search engine rankings are a questionable metric. A few years ago, search engines provided everyone with the same information. Each time a each user searched for a query, the SERPs looked particularly the same for each keyword. Everyone knew the best performing keywords and to be honest, the space in the rankings wasn’t so crowded. […]

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Positionly Add-ons

What would be the best software for you? The answer is simple – yours. The way you like it. Period. We would like to introduce to you a new feature we’re really excited about. Positionly Add-ons let you customize your experience, and manage your day-to-day task in a smarter way.

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5+ Ways Google Plus Impacts your SEO Strategy

Social Media, not mentioning it’s influence on marketing strategies, plays a significant role in the modern SEO strategy. Google Plus, as a part of Google’s ecosystem and one of the key players on the social media market out there, in terms of SEO plays a much bigger role than a simple social media platform.

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