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Positionly has helped us speed up our everyday tasks.

Ula, Michał, Ania, PayLane Marketing Department


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PayLane is a payment provider service for e-business. We offer the most popular payment methods, such as: credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal, plus the solutions specific to various regions across Europe (eg PayPal, Sofort BANKING, iDEAL, Polish transfers).

With PayLane, e-businesses can grow regionally and globally (enable accepting payments for products and services in 160 currencies from around the world).

Tools for monitor online marketing

We run campaigns both in Poland and abroad. Some differ only in spoken language, while others are suited to specific markets. We use Positionly, Brand24, Mixpanel and Google Analytics for monitoring our position in the search engines and online marketing. In addition, we use Visual Website Optimizer, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, HootSuite and GetResponse for online marketing.

The ability to monitor our websites is very important for us. With Positionly, we can check the results of our SEO efforts and analyze them in relation to the competition in our industry. We are monitoring specific keywords and competitors’ sites, we use the report system Positionly offers and monitor new backlinks that Positionly finds for us. These are the most important features that we use to control the positioning and advanced analysis of our results.

Mobile application and reports

In the flood of our marketing activities, user-friendliness and simple monitoring is crucial for us. The whole marketing department is using the weekly reports! On a daily basis the most useful skill for SEO and brand management is to control and report measurable effects. Positionly is presenting the results in a simple and transparent way. The mobile application is particularly useful during long absences from the office.

In the flood of our marketing activities, user-friendliness and simple monitoring is crucial for us.

Client service

We appreciate the reliable customer service. – Quick contact and, if necessary, helpful and always in touch. It is important to us that Positionly is based in Poland. Previously, we used international monitoring tools for SEO, but we believe that local business are worth of our support.

Effective and easy to use

The User Control Panel is very clear and easy to use. It allows us to focus just on tracking performance, optimization and planning, which greatly accelerates our daily tasks.

We’re able to check the most important results at any time, regardless of whether we are in the office or for example, at a conference in Amsterdam and we’re able to respond quickly to every little change.

A strategy based on data

Thanks to Positionly, we can see if our strategy requires modification.

Not all effects of online marketing activities can be estimated. Thanks to Positionly, we can see if our strategy requires modification. We also can respond to competitors’ activity. We are trying to gain an advantage on the basis of companies with similar profiles.

As PayLane operates in Poland and abroad, the diversity of Positionly’s monitoring and analysis activities are vital to us, without them, we would lose a lot of time and resources on ineffective marketing.

For PayLane it is extremely important that we monitor through Positionly all our SEO efforts.

Browser support

Older versions of Internet Explorer are not fully compatible with Positionly.

We strongly urge to update your Internet Explorer or use a different browser.