Case Studies - Case Study

Thanks to Positionly we are able to better monitor and improve key rankings for clients. Arnoud Duiker SEO consultant & partner, Orangedotcom


Orangedotcom is a fast growing search engine marketing agency in Amsterdam. We are experts in Search Engine Marketing (SEM); Search Engine Advertising (SEA) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We have been working for both large, international clients, as well as smart, local start-ups. From set-up and management of complex Google AdWords accounts, to a complete multilingual SEO strategy.

We work for clients like MTV, Samsung, Red Wing shoes and Holiday Inn, but we also help a lot of Dutch SMEs companies with SEO and SEA.

Why did we decide to use Positionly?

We were looking for a good ranking tool for a while, but there are so many SEO tools. Because our clients also need to use it, it had to be both user friendly and very accurate. Most SEO tools are focused just on SEO specialists and not on clients. We tested a dozen tools and Positionly came out on top. Positionly is well designed, accurate, and does just what it needs to do. The interface is great and clients love it as well and don’t need any explanation on how it works.

The key benefits

The key benefits of using Positionly are accurate rankings, a simple and user friendly interface, automated reports, and the while label function.

Favorite features

The features that we like most are the accurate rankings, the simple and user friendly interface, and their great support.

What we use Positionly for?

We use Daily Ranking monitoring and White Label features on a daily basis. The mobile application comes in handy as well. We think that Positionly is very simple and user friendly. It does exactly what is needed to be done, without all the unnecessary functions that other SEO tools have.