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  • Search Engine Rankings Track rankings and fall in love with simplicity.
  • Competitor Analysis Keep an eye on your competitors and outrank them in search engines.
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Ranking Tracker

Improve your rankings and get more traffic from search engines

Get found on the Internet. Pick keywords that describe your business the best and monitor your exposure in search engines. Track your progress and learn along the way.

Local and Global Search Engine Rankings

Track your results on the local or global market , depending on your needs. You can track everything in the most popular search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Google Analytics Integration

View your Google Analytics data within Positionly. Monitor organic, referral and paid traffic your website receives, on one clear chart.

Simple Dashboard

Easily manage even thousands of keywords and see how your websites are performing in a glance.

Daily Results

Analyze your progress on a daily basis and understand how rankings affect your growth.

Competitor Analysis

Keep an eye on your Competitors

Analyze the other companies in your field and compare your results. Track your competitor’s rankings along with yours and always stay one step ahead of your competition.


Analyze your competitor’s performance for a single keyword or group of keywords in one single graph.

Market Intelligence

Evaluate the distance that divides you from your industry leaders or control your competition's progress in order to maintain top rankings.



Improve your rankings with our suggestions.

Follow our tips and plan effective SEO activities to get better rankings in SERPs and attract more traffic.


Recent Activities

Monitor your website status.

We keep an eye on your website 24/7 and make sure that you don’t miss any important event such as: boosts in traffic or rises and drops in keyword positions.

We noticed that your rank is lower than your competitors for 8 keywords.

Their advantage lasts from 2015-01-10.

113% spike in new visitors from Referral Traffic in the last 24 hours.

You got 249 visits this day which is additional 132 visits on top of the daily average of 117.

We noticed significant changes in Top 10 for some of your keywords.

1 keyword entered Top 3.

Website Optimization Grader

Improve your website’s optimization with ease.

Analyze your web page’s optimization and fix the most common problems. Make your website more SEO-friendly and use it’s full potential.

  • Single title tag on page
  • Frames found
  • Description in meta tag

Automated Reports

Generate beautiful reports with few clicks.

Save your time and delight your clients with nice-looking reports. Your report data can be customized, branded, automated for delivery, or exported for your own report formats.

White Label

Customize Positionly with your brand.

Customize the application to match your company’s image. Pick a custom color, domain name and create branded reports.

Mobile Ready

Your SEO on the go.

Checking your phone every minute? Add the free Positionly mobile apps to your list of guilty pleasures.

  • Easy Access

    Check your SEO campaign’s performance straight from your smartphone.

  • Data Stored in the Cloud

    Your data is seamlessly synchronized and safely stored in the cloud.

  • Availability in Google Play and Apple Appstore

    Enjoy using Postionly regardless your favourite device.

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