Qlickonline – Case Study

In 2013, we switched to Positionly as our tool for SEM, partly because of the excellent usability and honest price. Mike Slaats Owner & Head of the SEM team, Qlickonline


We are a search engine marketing agency from the Netherlands.

Currently, we are working with over 15 search engine specialists in the field of SEO and online advertising for our clients in the Netherlands, Europe, and America.


How we employ Positionly

Our clients vary from small independent businesses to companies with millions of visitors each month. However, they all have one thing in common: whether they are large or small, they all seek to acquire insight into the results of their investments regarding SEO. The most important factor is the growth in rankings. With Positionly, we can easily monitor the results per client type in a customized way. The daily updates allow us to keep our clients informed of the results practically in real-time.

Positionly was voted #1 within our search optimization team

In the beginning of 2013, we mapped the main SEO tools and the 6 members of our search optimization team tried out one tool each week. At the end of this trial, we voted on the tools. Every member was allowed to cast 3 votes. Positionly was voted the winner nearly unanimously.

The usability of Positionly was particularly a point of praise. A new account can easily and quickly be created, with specific targeting, and the tool offers room for segmentation. Working with both small and large websites allows us to create a customized account per client. The management also commended the price/quality ratio.

Positionly was the only tool where no one had to contact customer services. This shows how simple the steps in the tool are to follow

We did not regret it

Currently, we have been working with Positionly for some time and we have had no reason to regret our choice. Our SEO team was right: this tool simplifies our daily activities, both for us and for our clients. Our team greatly appreciates the way in which Positionly is further developed; and these developments occur effortlessly as well. Everything they make is simplistic and effective.

We can say that Positionly has been a significant contributing factor in the success we achieve for our clients. Therefore, there will be no need to hold a new vote in our team in 2014: Positionly is certainly our choice!

The Positionly dashboard is the first thing we discuss at the beginning of the day