Questions fréquemment posées

Position Checking & Data

  • How many times a week is the position checked?

    The rankings are checked on daily basis. There’s no exact time when a position will be check for a website, but it’ll be done sometime between the 24-hour period.
  • Can I check rankings on-demand?

    Yes. Each keyword position can be checked on-demand by pressing the Perform Check button on the single keyword page.
  • Positionly is showing different results than when checking Google manually, why is that?

    There are a few factors why the position can differ from what you’re seeing in Positionly and Google.
    • Google seeks to provide the best results for individual users so it provides customized results based on your location (IP address)
    • Google shows you personalised results when you’re logged into your Google+ account or Gmail account, based on you web history.
    • Google is testing their algorithm on users, because of this some of the results you’re getting might be different from other users results.
    • Google’s different data centers may have some variance between the results during the updates.
  • There are big drops and rises of position of my website, it doesn’t seem to be natural.

    If you see rises and drops in Google that seem unnatural, this is because Google is changing the positions of websites multiple times per day, it might be because they’re testing new algorithms or simply testing the positioner reaction to the change. If you see an odd ranking for a keyword, either wait 24 hours so the corrected ranking is fetched or perform a manual position check.
  • Are you removing historical data after some time?

    All positioning data will be kept indefinitely. No need to worry about backing up your data, we’re doing backups very often.
  • How long does it take for my first results to appear?

    It shouldn’t take more than 2-5 minutes. If your website isn’t in the first 100 results, a sign will appear in place of the position value.
  • Do you have engines for specific countries?

    Yes, but if you don’t see an engine you need, let us know, and we’ll add it.

Billing & Subscription Information

  • What are my payment options?

    You can subscribe by entering your Credit Card details – Positionly uses as the payment gateway, and doesn’t store Credit Card information.
  • I’m having trouble paying with Credit Card.

    Please let us know about the problem via Contact Form and specify what exactly is happening (was there any error message you receive, or any more information you can share about this). We’ll contact you individually and try to sort out the issue.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not offer any type of refunds.
  • How can I view my current subscription?

    Select Account settings from the top right corner menu, and switch into Subscribe section in order to view your current subscription status and date.
  • How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription plan?

    Visit our Plans & Pricing page in order to view the different plans we have available and to see which suits your needs. Go to your Account Settings and hit the Change plan button with the option you’ve chosen.

Signing Up, Plans & Limits

  • I’d like to sign up but neither Plan suits my needs.

    In addition to the three plans we already have, we’re offering Custom Plans. In order to apply for a custom plan, send your question by using the Contact Form with the amount of keywords/websites/users you’re interested in using.
  • Are the limits overall or per website?

    All limits are overall values.
  • Why can’t I downgrade the plan?

    The reason why you can’t downgrade is because you’ve chosen a larger plan and exceeded your keywords/websites/users limit of the lower plan. You need to delete keywords/websites/users in order to downgrade.
  • Do lower plans have less features than the higher plans?

    No. All paid plans have the same set of features available. An exception is the Free plan which has all features but they might me limited in some ways.
  • Does a suspended websites still use my account limits?

    Suspending a website will free all limits the website had previously allocated (keywords, engines, users).
  • How can I view my current subscription?

    On your Positionly account, select Account settings from the top right corner menu. Select Subscribe to view your current subscription status and date.
  • How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription plan?

    Visit our Plans & Pricing page in order to view the different plans we have available and to see which suits your needs. Go to your Account settings and Change plan with the option you choose.
  • Can I get an invoice for my subscription payment?

    You can find your invoices in the Billing Information section on your Positionly account. You will also receive them by e-mail after the payment.

Reporting & E-mail Notifications

  • Can I personalize my reports?

    You can choose to generate two types of reports, a Simple and a Detailed one. The Simple report will suffice for most people, this kind of report contains the average graph for the website, and average position changes for your keywords. The Detailed report is a day by day report for all of your keywords.
  • Can I export my reports?

    Yes. You can export a generated report to PDF or a CSV file. It’s also possible to view generated reports online, as plain HTML.
  • How often do you send email notifications?

    Positionly sends generic notifications on weekly/monthly basis. E-mail Notifications present to you the rises and drops in position of all your websites, as well as websites you’re invited to (from a different account).

Google Analytics Integration

  • What are the benefits of connecting with Google Analytics?

    There are two reasons for connecting Positionly with your Google Analytics account: 1) You’ll be able to import keywords from which you’re getting traffic. 2) You can see the traffic you’re getting form each entered keyword on the charts.
  • I’m getting a Can’t connect to Google Analytics message, what am I doing wrong?

    Unfortunately this happens for a marginal amount of our customers. This may happen if you once had a Positionly account attached, and it disconnected in the wrong way. One way to fix this is to go into your Google Dashboard, then into authorized apps section and remove Positionly altogether. After doing this, connect Google Analytics once more in Positionly.
  • I’ve connected Positionly with the wrong Google Analytics account. How do I change it?

    You can easily disconnect Positionly from Google Analytics by going to Personal Settings ( After this, try to connect again and pick the correct Google Analytics account.
  • Can I connect more than a single Google Analytics account to Positionly?

    Yes, you are able to connect Positionly to more than one Google Analytics account. This feature is available in the Settings section under Google Analytics on the left hand side of the page.

Positionly Mobile

  • Is Positionly available on the iPhone?

    Positionly for iPhone is available from the App Store. You can find out more about the app here:
  • Is Positionly available on Android or Windows Phone 8?

    Not at the moment. We’ll probably make a compatible app down the road.
  • Is Positionly fully functional on mobile browsers?

    Actually it is! We use only modern web technologies (no Flash!), so everything will work fine on your mobile browser.