How to tag images? under Content Management

Images are natural elements of web pages. The text on a website can be easily indexed by search engines. They aren’t capable to recognize what’s the content of the picture though. They aren’t capable of recognizing what the content of the picture is though. The best way to tell search engines what the picture is about, is to tag it.

Use keywords of your choice in a filename. Try not to use generic names for picture files. For example:

Use how-to-tag-image.jpg instead of pic13134.jpg.

Use "alt" attribute to describe your images. Properly tagged links should look like:

<img src="how-to-tag-image.jpg" alt="How to tag your image for SEO purposes">

Alt text is equivalent of anchor text in terms of SEO. Alt text is the equivalent to anchor text in terms of SEO. or Alt text is equal to anchor text in terms of SEO. If you’re using an image as a part of a link, you should make your alt attribute relevant with the keywords you want to rank for.

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