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Let’s Connect: The Essentials of Marketing Yourself and Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched as a social network for professionals in May 2003. Although it has undergone significant design and functionality changes since then, the primary purpose has not changed at all. Today it remains the largest network of professionals, with more than 250-million members from more than 200 countries and territories. With more than 184-million unique… Read more »

Guide to Twitter Marketing

Twitter is such a fast-paced environment that many businesses don’t have the time or inclination to use it for marketing. However, Twitter is also highly effective for driving traffic and increasing engagement with both your content and your company, so it pays to get an account set up and someone to manage it properly. Like… Read more »

A Guide to Google+ Marketing

Many people discount Google+ as one of the more powerful social media marketing resources due to its perceived lack of popularity when compared to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, discount its value at your peril if you’re carrying out digital marketing for clients and/or a business. This is especially true as G+ is a Google… Read more »