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How to actually make your
start-up grow?

When starting your first Company and showing your product to the World, probably you will go the same patch most of the start-ups take.

When we created Positionly in 2012 we went the same route as well. Shortly after the launch we gathered a decent number of trial sign-up’s and eventually got covered by Techcrunch, which gave us some initial exposure. You could only imagine how proud and excited we were, that our product received a very warm welcome by our users.

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After the first few months, when spotlights start to turn to other hot topics, most of the start-up’s encounter the same difficult moment. At this point every company begins the pursuit of users and it can be a very difficult task.

Looking for The Sustainable Growth

There are many ways to achieve growth, but it can be a tough task to break through the noise of information. You can invest your time and money in paid channels. Effects of this kind of promotion will be immediate, but also, they will immediately stop when we decide not to continue.

Not every company is backed-up with venture capital money and many bootstrapped projects don’t have the luxury of putting money in different platforms.

Search Engine Marketing

You can also focus on methods that work and believe it or not - many of the big brands you know grew thanks to search engine marketing. Why it works?

Search engines change the way we look for information, including: products and services. Thanks to keywords people are able to find a highly specific product in a matter of seconds. That means that your website can be found by a highly specific audience.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimization aims to make your website naturally appear in the search engines results page.

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What is more important the effects of SEO are sustainable and that is exactly what your start-up needs to grow. Properly executed campaign in will give you long-lasting results and right set of keywords - stable source of visitors with purchase intent.

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In comparison to paid ads, organic search results are nearly four times more trustworthy. SEO efforts also contribute to building brand awareness and increasing trust among customers. This translates into reaching a greater audience, more frequent purchases and an advantage over competitors.

“Positionly is the only solution on the market that provides a simple and transparent way to monitor the effectiveness of thousands of phrases in search engines.”
Mariusz Gralewski CEO, Docplanner.com Read my full case study

How Positionly can help
you achieve growth?

Want to make your product found by your potential clients? Millions of people use search engines to find products and services like yours. Positionly is an ideal companion in the way to grow and expand your business.

01 Get More Organic Traffic

Take an advantage of SEO. Build a sustainable marketing channel and get more organic traffic to your website. Positionly will easily help you track your performance from day one and consistently support you on the climb to the top.

02 User-friendly and Refreshingly Simple Tools

Enjoy using pro-level tools in a refreshingly simple and usable interface. Pick your keywords and track your rankings on a daily basis. Learn and understand how rankings affect your traffic growth and improve your exposure in search engines.

03 Analyze Competitors

Get valuable insights and stay ahead of your competitors. Discover and compare your results with other companies from your niche.

04 Exclusive discounts

Use Positionly and receive an exclusive discounts from the most popular apps on the web!

05 Free Mobile app

Add the free Positionly mobile app to your list of bad habits. Check your performance on the go.

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