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Why Positionly is perfect for Unbounce users?

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Make it shine bright on the Internet

Just created a landing page with Unbounce?

Step-by-step tutorial

Make your landing page visible for search engines


Go to Unbounce and uncheck the “Hide my page from search engines” botton to make sure search engines will show your page in their results.



Website Optimisation Grader




Follow our tips & optimize your landing page in Unbounce



lets you increase your website’s rankings in search engines

helps you boost the traffic to your page

simplifies your day-to-day SEO activities

monitors your performance for given keywords

Remember to republish your Unbounce page whenever you apply the changes.

Easy, huh? 🙂

We went through the On-page optimisation process of your Unbounce landing page.

There’s also an off-page SEO which influences your website’s ranks.


Positionly will let you check who links to your page on a daily basis.  

Go to Positionly to start your free trial. You’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes! All you have to do is: add your website, type the keywords and add competitors’ websites you’d like to keep track of. 

Now head to “Research” section to evalutate your “On-page Optimisation”. We’ll show you the main issues to deal with in order to improve your SEO performance.



Pick the website you’ve added and go to the “To-dos” section. Positionly will detect the parts of your SEO optimisation process which require improvements. Based on these we’ll suggest you specific “To-do” list.


Now when you know what needs to be improved you can head back to Unbounce and improve your on-site optimisation. This would cover editing your landing page’s url with the main keywords, adding meta data, alt text to images, formatting the headlines filled with the keywords, adding social media sharing buttons as well as creating a mobile version of your page. 

shows you who links to your page

evaluates your website’s performance

gives you the best tips on what needs to be improved

keeps an eye on your competitors