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Introducing Unamo: All-in-One Marketing Solution


We are pleased to announce that Positionly has recently acquired two marketing software companies: Monitori, which has focused on Social Media Monitoring, and UsabilityTools, which has focused on
Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you’ve been with us at any point over the past five years, we just want to say that Positionly has been proud to serve our customers. We have always strived to make the most beautiful and user-friendly SEO tool on the market. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with a marketing solution that is easy to use and customer service that exceeds expectations.

In other words, we just love you guys.

The Problems Our Clients Have Faced

As an inbound marketer, you’ve told us about a headache you’ve experienced jumping between multiple software products across different platforms just to accomplish even your most basic marketing goals.

We understand the monumental struggle of trying to consolidate campaign results from a multitude of different softwares only to wind up pulling your hair out in frustration of trying to keep track of it all. We know it’s a pain having to track down multiple Customer Success and Support Managers trying to get the most basic problems fixed.

We’ve all been there. It’s not fun.

Our solution is Unamo. The all in one marketing solution.

Unamo and The Era of New Age Marketing

We have merged Positionly with these two other products and are rebranding ourselves as Unamo!
All together, they will form 
three dynamic marketing tools under one platform:

  • Unamo Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Unamo Social Media Monitoring
  • Unamo Conversion Rate Optimization

And, as of today, we are officially releasing Unamo to the public! With these acquisitions, the name
“Positionly” no longer seemed to fit, as we have now extended our marketing solutions beyond just the
positions of keywords in the search engines.

We wanted to come up with an affordable and dynamic marketing solution that teams can grow into over time. You determine which tools are most important for your team; however, when you decide to
expand your marketing initiatives, we will be there.

It was extremely important to us to help businesses guide users down each step of the conversion funnel. Now you can use Unamo SEO to monitor your presence in the search engines and bring organic traffic to your site. With Unamo Conversion, you can monitor how users behave and interact with your website and uncover and fix any conversion blockers they may be facing to drive them to become conversions.
Unamo Social 
provides you with the ability to protect your brand and retain customers that may
express frustrations on social media. You can also use it to 
acquire new customers that are disgruntled with a competitor’s products or seeking solutions to problems.

Now, let’s dig into the products.

Unamo SEO


In Unamo SEO, you will see all the same core functionalities as within Positionly. Unamo SEO does give you more control of your marketing efforts. You can now set up multiple campaigns within a single domain to monitor different pages, keywords, or engines. As of now, white-label, notes, the mobile app, API, and
to-do’s will not be available features with Unamo SEO; however, they may return in the future.

There are exciting new features planned for the Unamo SEO roadmap. We will be launching
mobile rankings in mid-February and in late March, we will show if there are featured snippets and results for the keywords that you are monitoring.

If you have multiple engines for one website, they will be split into different domains so that you can
continue to have the same control over your users.

Nervous about the move? Don’t be! Once your Positionly account is imported to Unamo SEO, all of your data will still be there, and everything will be transferred over flawlessly. All the great service and quality that you have received in the past will also remain the same as well.

Unamo Social Media


Social Media is now the norm within our society, and it’s extremely vital to you to be aware of anyone
talking about your brand or market online. With
Unamo Social Media Monitoring, you’ll be able to see when a user mentions your brand or any of the targeted keywords you’re tracking on the most popular
social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

You can use social media to protect your brand, acquire new customers, and reach out the most influential social media authors related to your keywords.

Unamo Social Media is unique; you will monitor mentions in their countries, not just languages. This is exciting because you can monitor trends in countries and their sentiment. It’s important to stay on top of different market segments.

We currently only monitor the U.K. and Poland. The US, Germany and other countries will be added on in the very near future.

Unamo Conversion 


Once your customers enter your website, it is your job to guide them to complete the desired action. To understand why customers do certain things, you need to watch how they interact with your site and the places that they click, where they focus their attention, and what sections of a web page are being viewed.

Within Unamo Conversion you have the ability to replay user sessions and view heat maps (coming in February). These tools give you the ability to watch users interact with your site as though you were sitting right next to them. You can see which pages have the most clicks and exits, which elements are creating user frustration, and monitor users across different devices, operating systems, and more. With these tools, you can draw powerful conclusions that will make a lasting impact on your marketing efforts.

We plan on expanding this even further and give you form analytics, more cohort analysis and segments, and more data about on-page elements within each page. We’re extremely excited about
the functionalities on the roadmap for this product.

Unamo is Just The Beginning

The possibilities with such a marketing solution are endless. We may be able to begin to integrate each product and give you insights about which users use certain keywords and how those particular users
navigate throughout your page. We can also begin to link demographic information to user engagement. This is all very long-term thinking, but we believe that we can get there with the data that this powerful suite can provide.

All of your marketing initiatives continuously grow upon themselves, and sometimes marketing initiatives may pivot. However, your goal should always remain the same: try to convert users. To do this properly, you need a lot of data, and you need to constantly learn from it. Marketing is a long-term plan, and we truly believe that you can guide visitors down the conversion funnel with the right tools.

With the Unamo suite, the days of neglecting certain tools in your software stack are over. You will no longer ignore the amount of actionable data that is available to you when it’s all just a click away.

If you’d like to move over to Unamo platform, please email us directly at support@unamo.com. We’re more than happy to help out with this.

Do you have any suggestions about Unamo?