Search Engine Marketing Report 2014

Last year we’ve published an infographic about SEO market analysis. This year we prepared an update covering the most important algorithm changes, trends and numbers behind the industry and Google. Infographics are available both in Polish and English. 


SEM is a strategy for digital marketing employed to boost your site’s visibility in results of a search. It could include organic and paid ( SEO) initiatives. Although SEM generally refers to more than just paid advertising and is often called pay-per-click ( PPC) marketing. It’s a type of business which allows marketers to earn a commission each when someone clicks on their ads. SEO however is the term used to define the organic results–i.e., “free” traffic that is a result of offering relevant, valuable content that is ranked well on Google. A successful search engine optimization strategy will help you gain long-term traffic, and advertising on search engines can increase your visibility and gain clicks from potential customers who want to purchase your product. Although SEM is a complex word, we’ll concentrate on the use of it to describe the paid search strategies from now on.

How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?

SEM can be an effective method to attract new customers and increase revenues since it ranks your website above natural results in the SERP. Look at the search results of “meditation apps.” Headspace is first in organic search however, it also has the most popular Google advertising position:
You might think about why people are bidding for the same keyword when they already have a natural ranking. The reason is straightforward: they will take up more space on the SERP this method. Even the organic rankings of their site fluctuate but they still stand a chance of appearing on the first page. It’s particularly important to entice customers from towards the very top of your SERPs if they’re looking to purchase. In other cases, they might select the easiest and most prominent alternative (which might be a competitor’s advertisement). To be listed in the search results, it’s necessary to win an auction for ads. To get the sought-after paid advertising spots at the top of SERP, advertisers compete for the keywords. The person who wins the auction takes the first spot. In this case, we’ll discuss how bids work within Google Ads. To participate in an auction of ads you’ll have to recognize two essential elements:
  1. The keywords you’d like to sell
  2. What you’re willing to spend per click on each key word
To find the best keywords to advertise on, make use of Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool. Start the tool, type in an expression or word that is relevant to your business and then press ” search.”