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Introducing recurring Reports and Notifications


Recurring reports 

In addition to being able to create a report based on date ranges, you can generate a message that’s recurring every specified number of days/weeks/months.

Inspiring Deeper Engagement with Business Notifications

Recurring Notifications allow you to provide targeted messaging at the most appropriate time for your customers. This can range from messages that focus on conversion, such as sales notifications, to content that increases engagement, like newsletters. With Recurring Notifications, companies can:
  • Make sure you send timely, relevant, and targeted messages that motivate the action: Businesses can develop customized messages based on their subject, such as an online store that could inform customers that sizes are back on sale. This makes messages more effective and helps achieve their business goals:
  • Discover: Product Discovery recommendations for discovery, newsletters, brand inspiration content
  • Take into account: Product alerts, in-depth news, pre-sale notifications, and offers based on previous purchases
  • ConversionDiscount vouchers, content for promotion, Rewards for loyalty, partner deals
  • Engage Stories from the community; suggestions for cross-sells, reminders for service offerings
  • A message across the customer journey Messages are sent every day, weekly, or monthly to allow businesses to contact customers at any time during their journey.
  • Send messages to build relations: To ensure a high-quality experience for customers, they are informed about the subject and frequency ahead of time. They must be opted-in prior to businesses being able to send out recurring messages. Additionally, they can tap for the ability to opt-out at any point.
Recurring Notifications is an exciting option for premium users that we are planning to charge companies for in the near future. It’s available for every business using the Messenger Platform for a no-cost trial period. Enterprises are currently set to send messages using Messenger Platform using the Business API, and we’re listening to feedback from customers to inform our pricing strategy. We will inform our customers or partners of any change to the trial trial, giving them ample notice in advance.

Business Already Driving Engagement and Sales

Businesses that have tried Recurring Notifications are experiencing more connections and new business benefits: Outer Aisle, a health food company, is working with Paloma to send announcements and alerts about products via Recurring Notifications. Customers were delighted to receive the notifications. Outer Aisle saw a 20x increase in CTR of messages compared to emails. As businesses connect with customers through Recurring Notifications, they are also driving more sales. eTicket, a top ticketing platform for LATAM, has engaged its customers with daily messages for pre-sales to concerts as well as monthly notifications about forthcoming events. They employed their Send To Messenger plugin to start conversations with customers via Messenger and gathered 72% of their customers opting in for Recurring Notifications. The result was sales. 65 percent of those who were notified of their purchase purchased tickets the same day!

Report notification

People can now be notified when a report has been created, either a one-off piece or a recurring one. The latter option will send a report notification on a selected interval.

Additionally, people who can receive notifications about generated reports don’t necessarily need a Positionly account to view it; simply enter the email address of a person to notify.

Being able to see clearly for the first time: in-app messaging performance Sendbird Notifications Analytics provides data on open, sent, and click rates for brands to determine how effective their notifications are in-app. The delivery rates are not included because in-app notifications offer 100% of their messages, in contrast to SMS or other messaging channels. This brand new feature for analytics specifically addresses the issues that customers who use external channels by providing extensive insight into the key performance metrics. By utilizing analytics and the ability to report, Sendbird customers can justify the expense of sending notifications while also effectively managing the allocation of messages. Marketing managers and product managers are also able to test and evaluate the effectiveness of their notification programs, which can result in higher conversion rates and support to increase the reach of the in-app communication channel.