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App Update: Manage Competitors Better


At Positionly, we care deeply about you being able to monitor your competition in the best way possible. Therefore, we have updated the way you view them in Positionly allowing you to make more proactive decisions.

Compare keyword buckets and overlapping keywords:

The first big change you notice is in the overview section:

Here, it shows you how many of your keywords have increased and decreased since yesterday for both you and your competitors! It allows you to monitor keyword buckets side-by-side. This is quite helpful because you’ll want to make sure that the majority of your keywords are hitting the first page in comparison to your competitors’.

Also, you can see how many keywords overlap with your competitors, which tells you how many similar keywords they’re also targeting. It gives you a really unique perspective about who the main competitors are for your targeted keywords.

You can click on both the bucketed keywords and keywords movements and it’ll bring you to the keywords page. From there, you can now see the keywords themselves, their rankings, and the linking URLs for the bucket or change selected.

Monitor Linking URLs and Keywords Back-to-Back:

The second big change is in the Keywords section:


It’s important to understand your competition and comparing the linking URLs is big in accomplishing that. For example: is your competitor’s homepage or subpage ranking for a given keyword?

The linking URL plays a significant role in shaping your SEO strategy and seeing this side-by-side gives you a broader picture of which keywords they are targeting for certain pages. It is now easier with Positionly.

Protip: By knowing the linking URL, you can easily run optimization checks in the Research tab for your competitor. You can then easily spot some on-page ways to beat them!

Improvements to the CSV Export:

The third big change is in our CSV export:

By selecting the settings gear next to Keywords, you can customize exactly what you’d like to see on the keywords table. Then, when you scroll down and select “Export to CSV,” the CSV will hold all the same parameters as you see on the screen itself.

You can have your SEO data given to you exactly as you’d like.

Manage your website more easily:

Last but not least, it is more convenient to manage your site:

We have made managing a website in Positionly more convenient! In this section, you can change the title of your site, include video or map results, manage which engine you want to track your site in, and attach your Google Analytics profile to monitor traffic.

Competitors redo will be a rolling update:

The competitors redo is not totally finished yet. We are looking to increase the usability of this new feature. Our ultimate goal is to give you more data at your fingertips in a clean and efficient way! There will be some more changes coming out over the next couple weeks, so be on the lookout!

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please email support: support@positionly.com

How do you like these changes? What would you like to see in the app?