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Changes: One Keyword in Multiple Groups, Report Changes, New Inbound Link Provider and More!


Positionly has a big announcement, we’ve released some HUGE updates! We are always listening to our customers and looking to grow and improve. This time, we think we hit the nail on the head!

We’re happy to say that we’ve added your most requested feature: adding a keyword to multiple groups! Also, our reports got a facelift, we’ve added a traffic report, changed our backlinks provider, and we’ve added a new section to the website dashboard!

#1 One Keyword in Multiple Groups!

Our software now allows for the “clustering” of keywords, meaning that you can add one keyword to multiple groups. This is helpful if you have a keyword that may relate to different categories that you want to monitor. You can group them altogether and watch them grow.

For example:


#2 Reports Revamped

We have recently updated our reports to be clearer and more concise. The updates are subtle but helpful for understanding the data presented.

The Overview for the Simple and Detailed Report


The graph shows the positions for all the keywords in the report in all of your search engines.

Underneath, it shows different data correlating to all of the keywords in that report. First, it shows the average ranking for all your keywords. The red number next to the average ranking shows how much your keywords have changed throughout the selected date range. Next to that, it shows how many keywords are in the top 10 positions, and then how much they have fluctuated for that particular date range.  

It’s a great way to have an overall idea of your site is doing!

The Simple Report Data


Here, we can see a more general overview about each individual keyword. The first column shows the average position of a particular keyword throughout the date range selected. Next, we show you the position of a keyword on the first date and the position of the keyword on the last date for a quick comparison. Lastly, we show the change, which is simply the difference of the position change from the initial date to the last date.

This report is great to have quick information at your fingertips.

The Detailed Report


All of Positionly’s daily keyword monitoring is shown here; this report shows the day-to-day changes of a keyword.

It’s a great way to monitor slight changes that might be happening to your keywords overtime.

The Links Report


The links report is now extremely clear – it shows which link you once ranked for and which link you currently rank for now. It is a great way to monitor if your posts or landing pages are beginning to rank or outrank older posts.

Compare Easily for Ultimate Power

Every report is sorted by alphabetical order, allowing for consistent alignment between all reports. Therefore, you can compare and contrast different piece of data easily. Want to see if that keyword is ranking higher because of your new blog post? Now it’s a breeze.

Google Analytics Overlay


Now Positionly allows your Google Analytics traffic to overlay your ranking keywords. This can be done in a detailed report or a simple report. Talk about handy!

#3 New Report: Incoming Traffic!


We have a brand new report type, the Traffic Report using Google Analytics. This report also has an overlay of data along with your overall positions in the SERPs. However, we show you the total of organic, paid and referral traffic.

This is great information to show your clients, boss, or investors!

#4 Majestic & Positionly Partnership


We are proud to tell you that we have partnered with Majestic. Thanks to Majestic, we are fetching inbound links more regularly and more accurately than ever. They have been absolutely fantastic at providing great support and answering many of your questions. With Majestic, we will also be able to provide more data and filtering options, so be on the look out for that soon!

#5 Returning Feature: Notes

Back by popular demand… Notes! Notes can be critical to your inbound marketing well being and sanity. Our marketing team at Positionly uses it whenever they create a new blog post or acquire a new backlink that helps move us along in the SERPs. It helps keep priorities straight and deadlines accomplished. Also, our software automatically creates a note whenever you add new keywords or search engines — it helps you understand why you might be seeing some fluctuations.

To add a note, all you’ve got to do is go inside the website portion of the Dashboard and click “Notes” on the left-hand side.


You can also view your notes on the graph to get the bigger picture. To do this, just go to the “Overview” section nestled under “Search Rankings.” Then click the speech bubble under the graph.


Busy with Product Changes

Whew! That was a lot! August was a very busy month for us and we hope you like all of these product updates and changes. We believe that Positionly is now better than ever and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Do you have product ideas that can help take Positionly to the next level? We’d love to hear it. Please send me an email at anne@positionly.com.